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The mission of the Women's Leadership Initiative is to inspire, empower, and assist in the professional development of women.

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WLI Goals:

  • Aid in the career development of the women at HomeTeam
  • Be the advocates, mentors, facilitators and coaches for the women of HomeTeam
  • Grow the community of women in our organization every year and help women succeed in untraditional roles

Q&A with Debbie Silver, WLI Vice President

Q: What is the purpose and mission of the WLI?

A: The WLI was created to mentor women and assist them with career advancement at HomeTeam and in the pest control industry overall. While it is a male-dominated industry, we want to be sure women are aware of the opportunities available to them, and we can help them capture those opportunities. Once we know a woman's desired career path, we work together on how to achieve her goals--not only her Plan A, but her Plan B and C. 

Q: How it HomeTeam implementing change towards gender equality?

A: In addition to the efforts of the WLI, HomeTeam is actively recruiting women and increasing the number of women hires. Our president, Brady Camp, is incredibly supportive of the cause, makes sure our voices are heard, and contributes whatever we need to continue the WLI's mission. Our parent company, Rollins, Inc., has a DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) culture that works toward removing the bias that "this person can't do that job".

Q: What else can your share about WLI and HomeTeam?

A: HomeTeam is a wonderful organization. Our leaders don't just talk about our core values, they live them. Our values are the expectation of how our employees conduct business and they permeate throughout every level of our organization. We're a kind, compassionate, hardworking company and that's evidenced in our longevity. The common theme here is having a place professionally to call home--and we definitely put the "home" in HomeTeam. The WLI is an extension of that. 

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Hear from our WLI team members:

WLI Council Membership 2022

D’Nita Kuhn Stanfield - President
Debbie Silver - Vice President
Vanessa Zabala - Secretary
Judy Evans - Treasurer
Evelyn Rivera - Past President
Margaret Martinez - Member - Welcome Committee Chair
Denise Zavala - Member – Application Committee Chair
Brad Baker - Member
Amber Whitworth - Member - Marketing & Communications Chair
Brittny Vizzi - Member
Michelle Mayernick - Member
Hamilton Allen - Member

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