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Winter Pest Alert – Pests to Watch for in Your Region


Winter’s cold temperatures do a great job of encouraging hibernation or even killing many pests that enter homes and buildings. However, it is unwise to expect a bug-free winter; on the contrary, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has forecasted heavy pest activities across the U.S. this winter. According to the NPMA’s fall/winter bug barometer, […]

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Cold Weather Sends Rodents Indoors


    According to a national survey*, 60% of homeowners in the U.S. experience a problem with rodents like mice or rats at some point, and up to 30% experience a problem each year. As the temperature begins to drop and rodents need to find shelters to survive the bitter cold winter months, your warm […]

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Enter to Win! HomeTeam Halloween 2017



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Texas Office of Emergency Management: It is very important to always check your county’s Emergency Management website for updates, evacuation routes, and other resources. Go to: https://gov.texas.gov/hurricane this site informs you of several resources, such as the FEMA Emergency Lodging Assistance Program, and a list of Texas Hotels and Lodging. FEMA Disaster Assistance: 1 (800) […]

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Fall Invaders and Tips to Prevent Them


Autumn, the season is full of fun activities and football games with our favorite food. However, when spending quality time with friends and family, be aware of unwanted guests – mosquitoes, stinging insects, and flies. These critters do not calm down with the cooling temperature as most people would assume. Instead, they may invade your […]

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Cockroaches: what you need to know


If there were a prize for the most disgusting pest, the cockroach would win. A national survey conducted by HomeTeam Pest Defense found that 40% of homeowners have experienced a problem with cockroaches and 65% of house hunters would no longer consider buying a home after discovering cockroaches. There are so many reasons to abhor […]

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Summer Bug Bites – Ticks and Mosquitoes 101


As we mentioned in our last blog, the unusual weather conditions have allowed pests to survive and emerge earlier this year. You may have experienced it already: termites swarming, ants marching, and now, ticks and mosquitoes have joined the notorious army and fired up the battle between humans and bugs. The projected increase in tick […]

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Spring and Summer Pest Pressure Rises in 2017


The National Pest Management Association released its “Bug Barometer” this month and indicated a very buggy spring and summer. According to the NPMA, the unusually mild winter and the warm, wet spring have intensified the threat from the booming of pest insects. As the bug barometer indicates, both the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest will […]

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Taexx Now In One Million Homes


It’s an exciting time at HomeTeam as we celebrate one million installations of Taexx, our built-in pest control system, with our more than 1,000 homebuilder partners nationwide. How Taexx works Taexx is the original Tubes in the Wall® system to help keep new homes free of common household pests by targeting bugs where they live, […]

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Spring is on the way and so are termite swarms


Flowers are blooming. Trees are growing. All of the signs show that Spring is coming. With warmer weather, most insects start foraging for food and searching for shelters more actively. Termites, one of the most common springtime pests, are no exception. These notorious destroyers are neither found nor terminated easily. Gaining knowledge of their life […]

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The Ugly Pest Un-Phased by Winter – Silverfish


Winter’s cold temperatures do a great job encouraging hibernation or even killing many pests that enter homes and buildings, but silverfish can actually be even more prominent in the winter months!  These pests are nocturnal so they come out at night and couldn’t look creepier. Silverfish get their name from their silver/gray scales; they have […]

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Late Summer Stingers


Those late summer stingers, why so aggressive? It’s the time of year when family gatherings are interrupted by wasps sending guests running and flailing their arms.  Typically the only time humans are confronted by these aggressive stingers, is when we’ve disturbed a colony’s nest. However, towards the end of summer when the queen has laid […]

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DALLAS, August 1, 2016 – HomeTeam Pest Defense announced today that the company received David Weekley Homes’ “Partners of Choice” award for the sixth consecutive year. HomeTeam is only one of three suppliers to achieve David Weekley’s “A” award for quality. For more than 13 years, David Weekley Homes has evaluated their business partners’ performance […]

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Mosquito Control Stepping Up Across the Country


There are two cases of Zika virus now being investigated in Florida, as officials they believe the disease was contracted in Florida, and not from traveling abroad. Florida’s Health Department is working with the CDC to rule out any other possibilities as to how it was contracted. They are also trapping mosquitoes to test them […]

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Ants Invading – Which Ants are Your Biggest Bother?


HomeTeam has many Entomologists in the regions of the country where we provide service. These scientists study insects and their relationship to the environment, humans and other organisms. Our entomologists are reporting ant pest pressure is high in all regions. Currently in Florida, ghost ants are popping up everywhere. Ghost ants get their name because […]

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Our Top 20 Technicians!


HomeTeam turns 20 and recognizes our Top 20 Technicians! HomeTeam technicians take pride in providing exceptional service to our customers. While we are celebrating our 20 year anniversary, we thought we would recognize those on the front line that helped us get here. These technicians went above and beyond in 2015, according to their own […]

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Our Mild Winter Leads
to a Bounty of Bugs!


Spring is a time for new life. Often baby animals and birds are born in the spring so they can take advantage of plentiful harvests and longer days in which to find food. Bugs are a part of the spring party as well, and are already out in a big way. The National Pest Management […]

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Cellulose, it’s what’s for Dinner!


One of the best things about Italian food is the cheese! But, the parmesan you use on your Italian meal might not be what you think it is. In fact, the cheese in your refrigerator may contain the same thing termites eat, cellulose. Cellulose is not a natural part of the cheese making process but […]

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The Facts about Zika Virus and How to Protect Yourself


As the winter season fades into spring, a familiar foe will reemerge and once again pester us at BBQ’s, camping trips and soccer games alike. These persistent buggers we know as mosquitoes have become infamous for much more than just itchy bites; the list of transmittable diseases associated with them has evolved once again. In […]

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Proudly Protecting Homes for the Last Two Decades


Since 1996 HomeTeam Pest Defense has been dedicated to helping our customers protect their homes from household pests, subterranean termites, rodents, mosquitoes, fires ants, and bed bugs. This is a big year for us as 2016 marks our 20th anniversary. Over the last two decades, our expanding customer base helped us grow into the 3rd […]

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The Kissing Bug and Chagas Disease: What You Need to Know


You may have heard about the kissing bug that is making its way across southern regions of the U.S. Major news outlets such as TIME, CNN, and Forbes recently featured stories about this trending topic. Kissing bugs can carry the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which can cause Chagas disease. It’s important to know that not all […]

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It’s Rodent Season! Here’s How to Help Prevent Mice and Rats from Invading Your Home


You’re not the only one looking for refuge when temperatures drop. Rodents can look for shelter, food and water inside your home. “Not only are rodents a nuisance, they can be a threat to your health and safety,” said Russ Horton, entomologist at HomeTeam Pest Defense. “They spread a number of diseases, and are known […]

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Insects That Are Sure to Spook You


We love Halloween! Suddenly everyone embraces the things that typically scare them; and we can share our passion for pests in the spirit of the holiday. It also gives us a chance to spread the word about our annual HomeTeam Halloween sweepstakes! Some of the most interesting and spookiest insects are zombifying wasps and bloodthirsty […]

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6 Facts About Scorpions and Tips to Prevent Them


According to our annual homeowner survey, scorpions are considered one of the scariest pests because they can sting. Most scorpions in the U.S. are found in the Southwest regions. They come in many sizes and colors, but are usually pale gold or tan and do not grow larger than a few inches long. They are […]

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Teaching the Difference Between Good Bugs and Bad Bugs


Summer is winding down and school is right around the corner, meaning it’s time to get out and enjoy the last summer days while you can! But before you send your kids off to school this year, why not finish the summer with a valuable lesson about good bugs and bad bugs? Our experts explain […]

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The Science Behind Jurassic Park Controlling Mosquito Populations


The dinosaur craze is sweeping the nation once again with the recent release of “Jurassic World.” You may recall that in the first Jurassic movie, dinosaurs were created from genetically modified DNA extracted from fossilized mosquitoes. The DNA strands were incomplete, and the scientists filled in the gaps with DNA from frogs to create the […]

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Women’s Leadership Council Empowers HomeTeam Employees Through Scholarship


HomeTeam Pest Defense is empowering women and all employees to grow through its Women’s Leadership Council. The mission of the council is to encourage hiring, support and development of women at every level to enhance diversity throughout HomeTeam. The council acts as a liaison for women in the workplace, and it’s members represent a broad […]

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Don’t Let Bug Bites Ruin Your Summer Fun!


Ahhh, summer… sunny days, swimming pools, barbeques, campfires and – BUGS! It’s the time of the year when all you and the kids want to do is to spend time outdoors and soak up summer fun. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when pests are the most active. You can avoid summer bug bites […]

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Celebrate National Cleaning Week By Conquering Your Spring Cleaning Checklist


It’s National Cleaning Week! Every year, the fourth week of March is reserved on our calendars as a time to put away our winter essentials and tidy up our homes in preparation for spring. HomeTeam Pest Defense is celebrating this year by sharing our favorite spring cleaning tips that help us stay organized. Create A […]

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5 Mosquito Myths Debunked and How to Really LIMIT Those Pesky Mosquitoes


Check out HomeTeam’s tips and information about mosquitoes. Below you’ll find what works and doesn’t work, mosquito facts, plus five key ways to control mosquitoes.

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30 Days of Spring Cleaning and Pest Proofing Tips


We’re posting 30 days of spring cleaning and pest proofing tips on Facebook and Twitter. You can find us @PestDefense or on our Facebook page. What are you doing to pest proof your home this spring? Share with us your comments!

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How to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs when you Travel


Bed bugs have made a comeback in recent years because of an increase in travel and the insect’s resistance to pesticides.  The first way to protect yourself from bed bugs while on a trip is to recognize what they look like.  Bed bugs are small, flat insects that grow to the size of an apple […]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Fruit Flies


One of the most common household pests, especially in the late summer and early fall, is the fruit fly. This insect may seem basic enough, but here are five things you didn’t know about fruit flies that can help you understand their habits. After all, the better you understand fruit flies, the more you can […]

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Back To Bugs? Experts Advise College Students to Inspect for Pests


Back to College Pest Control As college students across the U.S. head back to campus, they should be aware of pests that can be lurking in housing or furniture.  Temperatures so far this year are the hottest on record, which has led to a more active and increased insect population.  According to a national survey by […]

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How to Prevent and Treat Common Indoor Ants


More than 80% of homeowners experience problems with ants, making ants the most common pest problem in America. There are more than 12,000 species of ants, but only a few types cause major problems for homeowners in the U.S. For more facts about ants, check out our ant infographic. The three most common ants that […]

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Ants: Facts, Tips and Myths


More than 80% of homeowners experience problems with ants. This infographic provides facts and tips on how to keep them out of your home. HomeTeam Pest Defense shares ant facts, myths and tips to help protect your home. Click on Read More… to view the infographic and details.

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National Pest Management Month Reminds You to Pest Proof For Spring


April is National Pest Management Month because this is the time of year when pests start to become the most active. An observance for nearly 40 years, National Pest Management Month is a great time to pest proof your home. If you happen to be building a new home this year, you should consider Taexx, […]

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Termites: Facts, Signs and Tips


Termites can be detrimental to your home and other structures. Learn the facts about termites and how you can help prevent them from invading your home. HomeTeam Pest Defense shares termite facts, signs and tips to help protect your home. Click on Read More… to view the infographic and details.

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Cockroaches: Facts and Tips to Combat and Prevent Them


HomeTeam Pest Defense shares cockroach facts and tips to combat and prevent them to protect your home. Click on Read More… to view the infographic and details. Cockroaches can cause problems in your home and can be harmful to your health. Learn the facts about these difficult pests and tips to keep them at bay.

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How to Prevent Termites and Stop Them in their Tracks


Do you know your home may be at risk from termites? According to our research, nearly one third of homeowners have had a subterranean termite problem at some point. The National Pest Management Association reports termites cause more than $5 billion dollars of damage in the U.S. each year. These pests can be a significant […]

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Start the New Year with a Pest Free Home


Now that the holidays have passed, and we have rung in the New Year, it’s time to refresh and renew your home. It’s a great time to get ahead of spring-cleaning and pest proofing. People often forget that winter pests, like rodents and spiders, are still lurking. Follow this guide to help you clean and […]

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Top Gifts for Your Little Entomologist


‘Tis the season to sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows by the fire…right? While this sounds ideal, the reality is that most of us actually resemble a team of crazy ants as we prepare for the holidays. If you are trying to find educational and entertaining gifts for […]

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Are You Brave Enough to Try Entomophagy?


You may have heard the buzz lately about the health and environmental benefits of entomophagy, but you’re probably asking yourself, what is it? If you’re native to the United States, the United Kingdom, or another western country, you probably haven’t practiced entomophagy, or even witnessed it since the last Fear Factor episode aired. Entomophagy is […]

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Spiders and Their Webs Make a Creepy-Crawly Halloween


Halloween is the holiday that brings out our fears and for some of us; the most frightening of them all is a spider. Does the thought of the movie, Arachnophobia, make your skin crawl? Even though they have a scary reputation, spiders are actually quite fascinating. Here are a few “bites” of information to help […]

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Don’t Let Pests Move Into Your New Dream Home!


Building a new home is a major undertaking. From picking flooring and paint, to cabinets and fixtures, there is no shortage of important decisions to make. When it comes to choosing how you will protect your family from unwanted pests, installing Taexx – the built-in bug barrier – is an easy selection. Developed by HomeTeam […]

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How to Spot a Cockroach Infestation


Think you might have a cockroach problem in your home? A national survey conducted by HomeTeam Pest Defense found that 40% of homeowners have experienced a problem with cockroaches. Cockroaches also rank among the top five pests that homeowners are concerned about. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects that prefer to crawl around dark nooks and crannies. […]

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Harsh Winter Still Won’t Keep Bugs Away This Spring


April showers bring May flowers but it also marks the beginning of high pest activity. Spring’s warmer weather and early rains are bringing out termites, scorpions, ants and mosquitoes. Did colder conditions this winter kill off most pests? The cold weather this winter may not have killed off as many pests as desired. Bugs have […]

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Identify Termites Before the Spring Swarm


Homeowners rank termites as their most concerning pest with good reason. They are responsible for more than $5 billion in damage to homes in the U.S. every year according to the National Pest Management Association, and more than 10 percent of homeowners have a problem with them annually. Termites are difficult and expensive to treat, […]

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How To Spot and Treat Common Houseplant Pests


Houseplants can help keep your home bright and festive during the gloomy winter months! While including them in your home is a great way to add color, they can lead to potential pest problems if not cared for properly. Here are a few common insects that can damage indoor plants. Aphids Aphids are small, oval-shaped […]

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Avoid Unpacking Clothes Moths This Winter By Learning How To Spot Their Damage Early


Seasonal clothing sometimes falls victim to hasty and improper storing. If you are pulling out winter clothes, or digging in the attic for your prized ugly sweater party attire, look out for holes, silky webbing, or leftover cocoons – all of which are signs of clothes moths. Because adult clothes moths hide from light sources […]

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Dont let bed bugs hitch a ride during holiday travels


Bed bugs can easily hitch a ride with unsuspecting travelers. While hotels are the most commonly reported location for infestations, all sectors of the travel industry are susceptible. As you prepare for the busiest travel time of the year, there are a few things you can do to help you sleep tight and preserve your […]

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Before Thanksgiving, Prepare your Refrigerator for a Houseful of Guests, NOT a Houseful of Pests


Homeowners often overlook household appliances when it comes to seasonal cleaning. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, now is the time to clean your refrigerator. Make room for holiday leftovers and prevent pests from enjoying your bounty! Here are some simple steps for a thorough clean inside and out: Toss out anything past their prime, such as […]

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Avoid creepy crawly pests this Halloween


Have you ever found live spiders crawling around your plastic decorative ones? Rodent droppings in the bottom of a box? Gnats and flies circling your jack-o’-lanterns? It is not uncommon to discover these and other pests during the fall. Spiders, roaches and rodents can hide with decorations stored in the attic or garage. Jack-o’-lanterns outside […]

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Stink Bug Invasion Set for Fall


It’s that time of year again for football games, pumpkins, fall weather and…. stink bugs. When the temperature gets cooler, stink bugs search for a way into warm homes where they will “overwinter” from now until spring. According to a survey from HomeTeam Pest Defense, Washingtonians have the most problems with stink bugs. Stink bugs […]

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Battling Bugs While Camping


There’s no better time of year to enjoy camping with your friends and family than when cooler weather arrives. However, camping trips can easily turn glum if bothersome bugs are surrounding your site. Mosquitoes, fleas, gnats, ants, wasps, chiggers and spiders tend to be the most common insects found at campgrounds. When picking a campsite, […]

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Back to Bugs? Expert Advice for College Students


Across the country college students are headed back to school, which for most means back to a new living space. Whether moving into an apartment or dorm room, furnished or not, don’t forget to check for uninvited pests, which are often overlooked by on-the-move college students. Residents should thoroughly inspect the property before moving in […]

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Build a Pest-Free Sanctuary


Summer is one of the busiest seasons for moving, building and planning new homes. If you’re thinking about building your dream home, don’t forget to ask your builder about Taexx by HomeTeam Pest Defense. Taexx is a built-in pest control system that prevents common pests from getting inside your home. More than 80% of homeowners […]

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World Population Day: Insects vs. Humans


In honor of World Population Day, established by the United Nations and recognized on July 11, we’ve been thinking about the number of insects populating the earth in comparison to the ever-increasing number of humans. With life expectancy more than doubling from 1800 to 2005, the human population has grown from 1 billion to more […]

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Yard invaders: Identifying outdoor ants and treatment options


HomeTeam’s Geoff White talks to Central Florida News in Orlando about crazy ants While there are more than 12,000 species of ants found in the world, there are three types that continue to grow in infamy – especially during the summer months. This year, crazy ants are continuing their spread throughout the southeastern U.S. and […]

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HomeTeam Pest Defense – 5 Ways to L.I.M.I.T. Mosquitoes


Last year was a record year for mosquitoes, and based on the weird weather and rains we’ve experienced this spring, entomologists at HomeTeam Pest Defense believe mosquitoes may be even worse this year. To help keep you and your family safe, here’s HomeTeam’s five ways to LIMIT mosquitoes: Look for Water – Mosquitoes require water […]

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National Pet Month: What pet lovers need to know about preventing fleas and ticks


May is National Pet Month and what better way to celebrate than making sure Fido and Fluffy are protected? According to a national survey from HomeTeam Pest Defense, 70 percent of homeowners own a pet, 53 percent of pet owners have had problems with fleas and 26 percent have had problems with ticks. Due to […]

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Latest Buzz in Home-Building: Taexx Pest Control Technology to Make Your Life Easier


When you envision the beautiful new home you’re planning and building, chances are cockroaches are NOT in the picture. There is a way to keep them out – with Taexx – the bug barrier. Taexx is the most innovative pest control technology available for new homes, and is the easiest way to keep your new […]

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The Return of the 17-year Cicada


Where were you in 1996? When the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the Super Bowl, Braveheart won the Oscar for Best Picture, and Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill won the Grammy for Album of the Year? If you live in the Northeast, particularly New York, Pennsylvania or Virginia you may also remember […]

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Termites Swarming and Ants Marching


Termites and ants are among the top pests homeowners worry about, and entomologists from HomeTeam Pest Defense are already beginning to see them swarming and "marching" into homes this spring. According to HomeTeam’s research, 35% of homeowners have experienced a termite problem at some point and 84% percent have experienced a problem with ants. Both […]

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Super Mosquitoes: What Homeowners Need to Know


Courtesy of WFLA-TV in Tampa HomeTeam experts in Florida have been called upon this week by news media in Tampa and Orlando to comment on the so-called "super mosquito." Some researchers expect these larger-than-normal mosquitoes to swarm in greater numbers this year due in part to the mild winter. The general consensus among HomeTeam experts […]

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Spring is in the Air – Pest-Proof Your Home Now


Spring is around the corner and with it comes more pests. While “good bugs” can be welcome (think bees, ladybugs and butterflies), many pests can be a nuisance, dangerous or even cause significant damage to your home. Spring is an especially busy time for subterranean termites to swarm. Look for swarms and other signs of […]

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Signs of Home Damage Caused by Pests


Signs of Home Damage Cuased by Pests Have you ever spotted a small mound of sawdust sitting beneath an electrical outlet?  Heard a suspicious scratching inside the walls?  Found unusual pencil-shaped mud tunnels climbing up from the foundation of your home?   These are all signs that you may have some uninvited guests slowly causing damage […]

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The Perilous Predicaments of Pest Professionals!


An insider’s look at the funny, freaky, scary, unbelievable encounters of pest management service providers! Submitted by Kim Adamson – Builder Sales Rep, Desert District As I lay down, in hopes of getting a good night’s sleep, my two cats, Sammy, the sixteen-pound orange and white tabby, and Venus, the svelte seven-pound Russian Blue, settled […]

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Mice in the House: They Aren’t All Bad


If you’re like most homeowners, you probably cringe at the idea of having mice in the house, which is understandable. But there are some mice that everyone loves! Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse has been a household name for decades. His first appearance was in a black-and-white short film called Steamboat Willie in 1928. That makes […]

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Hobby Month: Creative Ways to Allow Bugs in the Home


bugs in the home When is it acceptable to have bugs in the home?  January is National Hobby Month, a perfect time to start a new hobby!  You might cringe at the idea of allowing small bugs in your home, but many hobbies involve bugs and bring their beauty inside. If you’re raring to go, […]

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HomeTeam Exhibits at the 2013 International Builders Show


2013 International Builders Show HomeTeam HomeTeam Pest Defense is proud to celebrate our 11th year as an exhibitor at the NAHB International Builders’ Show!  This year’s show is scheduled for Jan. 22nd – 24th, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The show is the largest home building industry event in the […]

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Mythbusters: Bug Myths!


pest myths As a pest management service, we hear bug myths all the time.  Some seem crazy, and some of the wildest myths are even true.  We wanted to share some of our favorite bug myths with you, and set the record straight on a few pest myths. Myth: Scorpions will glow in a black […]

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New Years Resolution A Pests View!


What is a New Year’s resolution?  For many, it is a list of goals and aspirations to improve our lives for the coming year!   Typical resolutions vow weight loss, debt management and better eating but what if you were a household pest?  What would be your New Year’s resolution? Reginald Roach – “Dedicated to live […]

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HomeTeam has been proud to give back to our local communities this holiday season


HomeTeam Pest Defense is proud to serve and give back to our communities.  This holiday season our branches continued in this tradition giving back to several local charities.  We wanted to take a moment to share some of our photos from our local events.  You can view all of these photos and learn more about […]

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Storing Food Properly to Prevent Bugs in the Kitchen


The holidays are a great time of year for attending parties and hosting family gatherings. As an added benefit, we get to eat leftovers! Turkey, gingerbread, pecan pie are all great treats to enjoy again tomorrow but proper storage is required to keep them safe and fresh. Improperly stored items will go bad quickly and […]

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Christmas Tree Bugs


’Tis the season for hot cocoa, stockings, brightly wrapped packages, and—Christmas tree bugs? If you bring home living Christmas trees, you could easily bring unwanted guests home for the holidays. That’s why we want to share ways to identify, check for, and avoid bugs in your Christmas tree decorations this year. Identify Christmas Tree Bugs […]

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Tips to Avoid Firewood Pests this Winter


There is nothing like a roaring fire on a cold winter’s day! But did you know that many pests feed and find shelter in the wood you bring in your home? The best approach is to minimize the opportunity for these pests to make it inside. Here are some tips that can help avoid pest […]

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Bugs to be Thankful for – Some Bugs are Good Bugs


Good Bugs With Thanksgiving Day right around the corner, many Americans are expressing gratitude for things they usually take for granted, such as good bugs that help beautify flowers and eat harmful pests. You might want nothing to do with mosquitoes, termites or cockroaches, but here are a few examples of beneficial insects to be […]

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Hotel Travel Tips – Avoid Bed Bugs and Other Pests


Avoiding Hotel Bugs Never underestimate the power of choosing a quality hotel devoid of bed bugs and other pests. A good night’s rest and preventing an infestation at home could depend on it! Here’s what you should do to ensure a bug-free hotel stay. Choose a Good Hotel This is half the battle, and as […]

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When you hear the word rodents what comes to mind?  Yikes? Some think they are nasty pests that destroy property and spread disease.  Others think of them as cute and adorable and choose to keep them as pets.  While others think of cartoons and the happiest place on earth! Whether you’re a fan or not, […]

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The Perilous Predicaments of Pest Professionals!


An insider’s look at the funny, freaky, scary encounters of pest service providers! “Oh my…a spider…why did it have to be a spider?”                                  As I do every day, I packed up my desk, turned off the lights and headed for the stairs that lead outside to the parking garage.  Out the fire exit door, heading […]

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Halloween Treats


Snakes, spiders and ugly green bugs…don’t freak out…it’s Halloween and creepy crawlers are cool!  Are you looking for an easy Halloween treat for that classroom party or to share with friends?  How about the old favorite…cereal treats!  With a little food coloring, candies and pretzels you’ll have pests good enough to eat!   Start by whipping up […]

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You don’t have to be on Survivor to experience eating bugs


A slimy grub or a crunchy grasshopper may not sound like an ideal lunch, but there are plenty of tasty bugs you can eat that may actually be good for you!  In fact, entomophagy (eating bugs) is really only taboo in Western culture.  Millions of people living in traditional societies around the world eat bugs […]

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Ladybugs Offer Luck and More Tangible Benefits, Too


Lady Bug Ladybugs = Good luck!  Ever wonder why?  During the period known as the Middle Ages, insects were destroying crops so farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help.  Not long after, the red-orange, black-spotted wing beetle appeared, ate the pests and saved the crops.  The farmer’s began calling them “The Beetles of our […]

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Are pests making a move on your new home?


As you watch your dream home take shape, chances are the last thing you are worrying about is dealing with unwanted pests invading your new space.  New construction often disrupts pests at the building site.  Grading the soil and prepping the foundation may destroy their nests or homes.  As you are moving in, be on […]

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Pests Bugging Mans Best Friend?


In 1928, Captain Will Judy, a noted dog judge and publisher, organized the first National Dog Week.  The purpose was to educate all dog owners in their responsibilities to their communities, especially those groups dedicated to caring for lost or unwanted dogs. One such responsibility is making sure “man’s best friend” is kept pest-free and […]

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Top 10 Bug Books For Children


Bug Books For Children School is back in full swing, and children are back to school projects, spelling test, and book reports. Kids can dread these assignments, but if they have a great children’s book to work with they can enjoy learning and reading.  If your kids are bug lovers, this list of the top […]

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Office Pests


Office Pest Oh those office pests…and we don’t mean the guy in the next cubical!  Whether your office is located on the 1st or 31st floor, pests can find their way inside.  How and why are they there? Most pests are looking for food, water and shelter.  Some may enter through cracks, holes, elevator shafts, […]

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Inventors Month Who Invented the Mouse Trap?


mouse trap August is National Inventors Month, a time to commemorate great inventions over the years that make our lives better, including the mouse trap. The United Inventors Association of the USA designated a National Inventors Month in 1998, with the intent of promoting a positive image for inventors and their contributions. An often overlooked […]

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HomeTeam Pest Defense Phoenix, AZ Pest Control


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a leading pest management service in Phoenix, AZ, discusses local pest and their dedication to employees and customer satisfaction.

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Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus Take Steps to Protect Yourself


Mosquitoes Mosquito activity has increased this year due to recent rains and a warm winter and early spring. As of August 14, there were 693 cases of the West Nile Virus in the United States.    Of those cases almost 50% have been reported in Texas according to the Wall Street Journal and Centers for Disease […]

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Don’t Get Burned: Tips to Prevent Fire Ants


Tips to Prevent Fire Ants People seek tips to prevent fire ants because they are common in many regions throughout the United States.  The red imported fire ant was introduced to the United States in the 1930’s.  This ant becomes most active in the spring and fall, usually after a rain and when temperatures are […]

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Cricket Oh that unmistakable sound of a cricket serenading you outside in the yard. Just as you are lying awake at 2am trying to figure out  where in your closet he is hiding, the song gets old! In ancient Asia, crickets were considered a sign of good luck and respect.  They were kept as pets […]

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Top Tech Toys for Bug Lovers


Tech Toys for Bug Lovers If you have a budding entomologist living in your home, you’ll love these ideas of tech toys for bug lovers! After all, while the presence of bugs and other pests roaming freely around your home is reason enough to call a pest management service, some bug gadgets are educational and […]

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The Top Pest Issues for Homeowners


the top pest issues for homeowners HomeTeam Pest Defense conducted a national survey earlier this year to find out the top pest issues for homeowners. The United States in general experienced a warmer-than-usual winter, which was nice in January, but it created early pest infestations in the spring. An astounding 84% of American homeowners said […]

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Types of Summer Bug Bites


Summer bug bites are most common when you go camping or spend time in the mountains, but can happen in your own back yard, too. Familiarize yourself with various types of summer bugs that bite, the effects of these bites, and a way to implement pest control for the home so these summer bugs won’t […]

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Grilling & Picnicking: Infestation Prevention


July is National Picnic Month, so you need to implement some serious infestation prevention if your outdoor activities are to limit pests. If mosquitoes, flies, yellow jackets or ants are your biggest concerns, these tips to prevent infestation will help keep the bugs away so you can enjoy your meal and great company in peace. […]

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Crazy Ants


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a leading pest management service, discusses the crazy ant species and tips to prevent crazy ant infestation.

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HomeTeam Pest Defense Attends the National Apartment Association Convention


HomeTeam Pest Defense will share its expertise on pest management services and innovative products specially designed for multifamily units at the 2012 National Apartment Association (NAA) Education Conference and Exposition, scheduled June 28-30 at the Boston Convention Center. Representatives from HomeTeam will be at booth No. 1231, presenting attendees with flyers, tradeshow giveaways, and brochures […]

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June Bugs: We Don’t Make Light of Beetles Bugging You


The month of June traditionally is a time weddings, graduation ceremonies and other celebrations, including family reunions. As family and friends from near and far gather to celebrate these festive occasions, so, too, do some rather unwelcome guests. This is also the time of year for June bugs, and they don’t care which party they […]

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Prevent Garden Bugs from Becoming Household Pests


Many garden bugs pose no problem at all, as long as they stay outside, but you want to prevent garden bugs from entering your home and becoming annoying indoor pests. To control insects in your yard and landscape, you must know what kind of bugs you’re dealing with, what plants they favor and what time […]

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HomeTeam Pest Defense | Winston-Salem, NC Pest Control


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a leading pest management service in Winston-Salem, NC, discusses local pests and their dedication to employees and customer satisfaction.

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HomeTeam Pest Defense Recognizes National Safety Month


HomeTeam Pest Defense Won’t Bug Off When It Comes to the Safety of its Customers and Employees The month of June is National Safety Month, and the National Safety Council encourages organizations to actively participate in safety-related activities.  Several years ago HomeTeam Pest Defense installed a GPS in each of its company vehicles to track […]

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Occasional Invaders: Clover Mites


Occasional invaders such as clover mites usually live and breed outside, but can move indoors in large numbers in the early spring and late fall. The trick is to start pest management services quickly so your home becomes an inhospitable and unpleasant place for these pests. Here is some useful information about clover mites as […]

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Mythbusters: Pest Control Edition


There are many pest control myths that HomeTeam Pest Defense would like to dispel. If you’re dealing with mosquitoes, bed bugs, mice or crane flies, read over these pest myths and the truth behind them before you try getting rid of them. Myth: Bedbugs are caused by poor hygiene and poverty. Fact: Bed bugs have […]

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A Pack Rats Life National Pat Rack Day


National Pack Rat Day is May 17, and though the day refers to human hoarders who don’t like to throw things away, HomeTeam Pest Defense would like to give you an insider’s look at a pack rat’s life—the animal, not the human hoarder—from the perspective of the pack rat. Once you know a little more […]

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MOTHERs Day Bugs


May is the start of beautiful warm weather, a month for graduations and a time to mention Mother’s Day bugs. With Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 13, HomeTeam Pest Defense would like to highlight various insects that, together, spell out MOTHER. Some might inspire you to get pest control for the home while others might […]

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The Pesky Mosquito | Mosquito Myths and Facts


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a leading pest management service, discusses the pesky mosquito and mosquito myths and facts.

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How to Identify Fleas and Ticks


If you keep a pet at home, you may be concerned about how to identify fleas and ticks. These insects can bother both humans and animals, making it essential that you prevent fleas and ticks from living and breeding in your home. Remember, a veterinarian is your best resource for treating pets bothered by fleas […]

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Don’t Get Burned: Tips to Prevent Fire Ants


People seek tips to prevent fire ants because they are common in many regions throughout the United States.  The red imported fire ant was introduced to the United States in the 1930’s.  This ant becomes most active in the spring and fall, usually after a rain and when temperatures are above 75 degrees.  To prevent […]

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Integrated Pest Management – An Option in Pest Management Services


Insects and other pests started making their appearance earlier this year than usual. Do you know your options in regard to pest management services? Have you heard of integrated pest management? In acknowledgement of Earth Day and Arbor Day this month, HomeTeam Pest Defense is sharing information on a type of pest management service called […]

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HomeTeam Pest Defense | Las Vegas, NV Pest Control


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a leading pest management service in Las Vegas, NV, discusses pigeons, scorpions other tips on desert pests.

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My Life as a Termite


You shiver when you hear my name, dread my presence in your home, and do everything you can to get rid of me, but my life as a termite is actually quite luxurious—as long as I keep myself hidden from you so you don’t call in a pest management service! I am a hard worker, […]

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Pest Management Services & Spring Cleaning


As the weather starts to warm up in the spring, you find yourself coming out of your cave and welcoming the warm spring temperatures, perhaps without a thought for the oncoming insects and the need to utilize pest management services. Along with your regular spring cleaning tasks—organizing the closet, dusting hard-to-reach areas, and vacuuming under […]

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Bug Superstitions: Insects Known to Bring Good Luck


Do you believe in bug superstitions? There are many signs and symbols in different cultures that are believed to either be good luck charms or bad omens. Many of these are related to insects, so before you seek out pest control for the home, consider the critters that might be able to bring you good […]

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Tough Bugs: What Makes Bugs so Resilient?


While hundreds of creatures in the insect world could be categorized as tough bugs, there are four that stand out as the toughest bugs in the animal kingdom. Here’s a look at HomeTeam’s list of four tough bugs. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about most of them when considering pest control for the home. […]

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The Power of Taexx | Taexx for New Construction


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a residential and commercial pest management service, discusses the power of Taexx for single and multi-family homes.

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Leaping Bugs for Leap Year


Leap year only comes once every four years, and in honor of the occasion, we’re highlighting leaping bugs and exploring how far they can jump! While the mere topic of leaping bugs may make you itch, they are actually quite fascinating insects with incredible athletic skills. Don’t worry – you can always call a pest […]

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What Type of Bug Are You?


What type of bug do you think you are most like? Hopefully you don’t think your traits most closely match those of a black widow spider, a mosquito, or a termite. These are bugs worthy of calling a pest management service, but there are plenty of other fascinating insects that your personality may closely match. […]

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Bugs to Love – Beneficial Bugs


In the insect world, there are many beneficial bugs that help the environment, even if you would prefer that they stay out of your home. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a look at some bugs to love. Mantis: Also called a mantid, this insect is not worth calling the pest exterminator to get rid […]

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Mild Winters Bring Spring Bugs


You’ve heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers”, but it could also be easily exclaimed: “Mild Winters bring spring critters!". This winter has been bizarre. The National Climatic Data Center reports that about 2,800 daily record highs have either been tied or broken across the country in January. The mild winter has been great […]

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Professional vs. DIY Pest Control


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a pest control management service, discusses professional vs. DIY pest control for the home.

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HomeTeam Exhibits at the 2012 International Builders Show


HomeTeam Pest Defense is proud to celebrate our 10th year as an exhibitor at the International Builders Show, scheduled Feb. 8-11 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.   The show, which runs Wednesday through Saturday, is the largest home building industry event in the world.  This annual event features product and service live […]

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Pest Exterminator Stories


When you have a cockroach infestation, rodent problem, or termite invasion on your hands, a pest exterminator could quickly become your hero. However, technicians working for pest management services are more than just exterminators. At HomeTeam Pest Defense, we have plenty of pest exterminator stories that exemplify the amazing character of our employees. These stories […]

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Destructive Pests: Types of Damage Pests Can Cause


Without insects to clean up decomposing material, the world would be a pretty filthy place, but there is a variety of types of damage pests can cause that make you want them as far away from your home as possible. Here’s a look at a few different insects and the types of pest damage they […]

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Pet Care Steps with Pest Control


No matter what kind of pests you want to be rid of, protecting your pet during the pest control treatment of your home is imperative to prevent harming your furry, feathered or scaly friend. All pest control operators should consider the welfare of your pets when they arrive to perform pest management services. Fortunately for […]

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Meet Carol Cockroach: A Day in the Life of a Cockroach


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a pest management service, details the unpleasant characteristics of the cockroach and why it’s important to eliminate your home’s infestation.

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Delicious Critter?!? Bugs as a Delicacy


Most of us look at bugs and cringe at their creepy disposition. Did you know, however, that many cultures around the world eat bugs as a delicacy? As it turns out, not only are bugs a significant source of protein, but many scientists believe that bugs may soon become the most viable, sustainable food source […]

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Put It On Your List: Pest-Free New Year’s Resolutions for 2012


Now that 2012 is right around the corner, it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions. We thought we’d help you with a list of pest-free New Year’s resolutions so that you don’t get caught off-guard by any pesky pests. After all, prevention is a big part of pest control. No one wants creepy crawlers and […]

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Our Favorite Bug Movies


Over the years, all different kinds of bug movies have made their way to the big screen. Some make you laugh while others are terrifying. Here are some of our favorite bug movies that put a smile on our faces or make our skin crawl along with some memorable quotes. Starship Troopers, 1997 – Big […]

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A Day in the Life of a Cockroach


I find humid, cluttered spaces to be the most comfortable place to live because they give me privacy and often provide the starchy foods I love. My favorites are cereal, beer, bread and other sugary foods and drinks. I’m an easy guest – I don’t need fancy meals to be content right where I am. […]

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Avoiding Holiday Pests


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a professional pest control service, discusses avoiding holiday pests and gives tips to protect your Christmas tree from bugs.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas


The holiday season is a favorite time of year for many who just want to take a break once the end of the year rolls around. One highlight of the holiday season is all the festive music that can be heard wherever you go. At HomeTeam Pest Defense, our Christmas songs are sung a little […]

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Pest Control with Popular Holiday Items


The holidays are here! Black Friday is over and shopping has officially begun. Have you decorated your house yet? Last week we provided helpful hints about bug-free Christmas trees and signs of pests in your holiday decorating storage boxes. There are still a few more items we want to mention with regards to holiday preparation. […]

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Safeguard Against Unwanted Holiday Guests – Pests


Holiday tree farm – East Lansing, MI – checking for pine shoot beetles The holidays are fast approaching. Soon we’ll be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner and before you know it, it’s time for the holiday decorating. It’s time to get the ornaments, tree, ribbons and wreath out of the attic.  So to get you […]

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How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Protection for Winter


Pests come in all shapes and sizes, but you don’t want them coming into your home no matter what size they are. With the colder months quickly approaching, now is a good time to inspect around your home and take steps to keep pests out. Garage: Check for holes and cracks. Even holes as small […]

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Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a professional pest control service, discusses signs of rodents and tips to keep rodents out of your home.

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No Room for Rodents – Tips to Keep Rodents Out


Rats and mice are looking for a cozy place to call home in anticipation of the colder months ahead. Don’t let them find a perfect hideaway inside your home. Natural food sources such as seeds, fruits and insects are scarce during cold months, so they’re scrounging for food as well. The typical rats and mice […]

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Termite Control – Install, Monitor, Eliminate


Subterranean termites are little wood and cellulose munchers that cause millions of dollars of damage every year. These termites live in underground colonies and build tunnels that look like mud tubes above ground. These mud tubes are just one sign of subterranean termites.  Other signs of termites include: Live swarming termites especially near windows and […]

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Creepy Things Around Your Jack O’Lantern


It’s the time of the year for ghosts, goblins, spiders and pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins. Oh, and let’s not forget the candy. Lots of candy. With all the fun and frolic of Halloween and even into the weeks prior to Thanksgiving we need to prepare and protect our homes from pests. Carving a pumpkin is […]

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Wicked Bugs: The Louse that Conquered Napoleons Army and other Diabolical Insects A Book by Amy Stewart Reviewed by HomeTeam Pest Defense


Have you ever considered how much power our six- and eight-legged enemies have in the natural world? If you have ever experienced a bug infestation, you certainly have at least a small idea. At HomeTeam Pest Defense, we are fascinated by Amy Stewart’s bestselling book The Louse that Conquered Napoleon’s Army and other Diabolical Insects […]

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HomeTeam Pest Defense Features Taexx Built-In Pest Control System at Sunbelt Builders Show


HomeTeam Pest Defense is proud to celebrate our seventh year as an exhibitor at the Sunbelt Builders Show, scheduled Oct. 20-22 at the Austin, Texas Convention Center.  The show, which runs Thursday through Saturday, is one of the largest home building industry events in the Southwest.  There will be live product and service demonstrations, world-class […]

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Homemade Halloween Decor & Crafts for Spider Season


To celebrate spider season and Halloween, HomeTeam Pest Defense, a professional pest control service, discusses homemade “spidery” decor and craft ideas.

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Getting Rid of Crickets


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a professional pest control service, discusses tips to get rid of crickets and prevent cricket infestation.

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Spiders in the Cellar


Keep that cellar door closed!  Don’t go down those basement stairs because you might stumble upon big, giant man-eating spiders waiting to attack and kill you with their venomous fangs!  OK, now turn off the TV and stop watching those 2am horror movies about spiders in the cellar.  Sure they’re scary and frightening, but only […]

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How to Select a Pest Control Company


Just like any other service category, you should do your homework when it comes to selecting pest exterminators. Nowadays, it’s a little easier with all the social media tools and access to reviews on the internet, but a little more homework on your part will be beneficial. 1.)    Get referrals from your family, friends and […]

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Hornets and Yellowjackets Can Be a Real Pain


Hornets and yellowjackets are considered beneficial social wasps because they live in colonies that can number in the thousands. Normally, they wouldn’t be a bother to humans, but with their habit of creating nests in structures they can become a nuisance. These wasps enjoy beverages and food, especially fruity-types.  In the summer there is plenty […]

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HomeTeam Pest Defense 6-Point Advantage Service


HomeTeam Pest Defense provides a superior level of courteous and professional pest management service.  Our 6-Point Advantage Service protocol is a great way to keep household pests from bugging you.  Our program focus is six essential points which allows HomeTeam to deliver a uniform and consistent service and this includes:  Inspecting the exterior of your […]

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Customer Service Promise


HomeTeam Pest Defense, a pest control service provider, discusses their commitment to providing the best customer service.

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Crickets – An Earful of Annoyance


The sound produced by crickets is made by the males rubbing their wings together to attract the females.   The word “cricket’ actually stems from the French common name “cricri.” The chirps can also signify danger or something as simple as stating “I’m here.” The sound and frequency of the chirp has been correlated to the […]

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Keep Bugs Away from Your Labor Day Festivities


As Labor Day draws near, you are undoubtedly anticipating a long weekend, picnics, and BBQs with friends and family.  Your holiday weekend should not be marred by pests, so in addition to learning the tricks for making a perfectly grilled burger, you need to learn how to keep bugs away this Labor Day.  Here are […]

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Tips to Prevent Scorpion Infestation


Scorpion Factoids:     The best time to hunt scorpions is in the dark!  Using a black light, scorpions are easily spotted because their exoskeleton glows.  Ultraviolet LED flashlights can be found for fewer than twenty dollars. Scorpions are common in newer homes especially in homes built on the outskirts of busy metropolitan areas. Scorpions can live […]

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Bed Bugs 101: Intro to Bed Bugs – Don’t Fail This Class!


With all the media coverage about the resurgence of bed bugs in the United States, one may think that bed bugs are a troublesome pestilence that is difficult to prevent.  While bed bugs are hard to eradicate, knowing a few general facts about bed bugs will help you keep your dorm or apartment free from […]

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Customer Service is King


What is customer service? Customer service is providing what the customer wants when they want it. It sounds so simple, but in actuality it is difficult. Each person has their own definition of customer service. HomeTeam Pest Defense is a route-based business where we complete pest control at peoples’ homes. One person might want us […]

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Bed Bugs Are Back


HomeTeam Pest Defense provides traditional pest control services including treatment for bed bug infestation. Keep these tips to avoid bed bugs in mind when you travel to protect your home.

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Insects in the Pantry


The first installment of “Most Disgusting Places to Find Pests” There are people who can tolerate the occasional ant on the wall or infrequent moth caught in the light; but there are two locations even the most bug tolerating homeowner cannot endure seeing pests.  These locations cause extreme frustration to homeowners and are worthy of […]

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Getting Rid of Fleas


Cat Fleas We’ve seen it too many times.  Homeowners and their pets are entrenched in a battle with hundreds of blood sucking invaders.  It can happen to unsuspecting pet owners because fleas find their hosts in public places such as parks or sidewalks or even in their own back yard.  In North America, more than […]

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Bugs of Summer: June Bugs, Fireflies and Lightning Bugs


As the weather warms, many bugs of summer begin hatching from their underground resting chambers.  Some bugs, like the firefly, resonate warmly in most hearts as their unique twinkling is a welcomed symbol of the season. Fireflies and Lightning Bugs Fireflies and lightning bugs are the same insect, and are actually beetles.  These insects love […]

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Those Pesky Ants


HomeTeam Pest Defense provides traditional pest control services including treatment for ant infestation. Keep these tips in mind to protect your home.

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Battling Common Ants


With over 10,000 species of ants in the world, three very common species cause the most problems for homeowners.  These 3 types are difficult to control and even more difficult to treat once they establish a base in your home.  The most common types of ant infestations are caused by the fire ant, carpenter ant […]

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Occasional Home Invaders: Stink Bugs


Stink bugs are a seasonal pest and are most bothersome from late May to mid-October.  The bug spends the majority of the summer eating and laying eggs.  Because the stink bug can live over a year, when autumn nights begin to cool, this nuisance will begin to look for warmer shelter.  Unfortunately for homeowners, this […]

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PCBC Homebuilding Industry Tradeshow – HomeTeam Pest Defense Showcases Taexx


HomeTeam Pest Defense is celebrating our 8th year as a Pacific Coast Builder Conference tradeshow exhibitor.  This annual event is the largest light homebuilding industry construction show on the west coast.  It is held at Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California.  This year the conference and exhibit dates are June 22-24, 2011. An extensive […]

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Taexx Built-in Pest Control System and Service


The Taexx system is a built-in pest control system that is installed and serviced by HomeTeam Pest Defense.  The purpose is to keep bugs and other pests where they belong—on the outside—while your family can remain comfortably nestled inside. This innovative pest control system, originally called TUBES IN THE WALL®, is a network of tiny […]

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Mosquitoes – Myth vs. Fact


Myth: Purple Martin birds as well as bats are great for mosquito control. Fact: Purple Martins and bats do eat mosquitoes, but they are not prone to only eating mosquitoes. They eat dragonflies, mayflies, stinkbugs, June Bugs and a wide variety of other insects.  Because neither kind of animal goes out of its way to […]

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Termite Control Tips for Home Builders and Homeowners


Wood-destroying pests are a homeowner’s worst nightmare.  Termites, carpenter ants, and powderpost beetles have destructive powers that are incredibly disproportionate to their size.  If you want to prevent bug and termite infestations, you will be pleased to know that you can utilize pest and termite control tactics to keep them at bay before they ever […]

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Top 10 Urban Pest Myths


We’ve all heard the typical urban myths – like the one that states mixing Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola will make your stomach explode.  But believe it or not, there are quite a few urban pest myths out there as well.  So, here is a list of our top 10 fun pest myths, and the real […]

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Protect Your Clothes from Pests


During spring cleaning, it’s pretty common to switch out winter wardrobes with summer ones.  As you start breaking out the shorts and putting away those bulky sweaters, don’t forget to protect your clothes from pests, as they can quickly turn your Prada to nada. Here are a few things you can do to help protect […]

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National Pest Management Month


We all know the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.”  But did you know that April can also bring about the appearance of some unwanted visitors in your home?  That’s why the National Pest Management Association has declared April to be National Pest Management Month. During your typical spring cleaning, there are a few […]

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Occasional Home Invaders: Earwigs and Millipedes


When you think of pests in your home, you typically think of the usual suspects like termites, mice or ants, right?  But there are other pests that prefer the outdoors but occasionally make their way inside. They are more of a nuisance than a threat although they definitely bother some people. Two pests that fall […]

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The Power of Taexx for Home Pest Control


If you’re building a new home, you already know it involves making a lot of decisions that will impact you and your family’s life for years to come.  You need to pick flooring, fixtures, cabinets, paint and the list goes on.  But have you thought about how you’ll protect you and your family from unwanted […]

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Tips to Prevent Termites from HomeTeam Pest Defense


HomeTeam Pest Defense provides traditional pest control services including treatment for subterranean termites and termite colony elimination. Keep these tips in mind to protect your home.

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Entomologists and Modern Pest Control


There are over two million species of insects on the planet today.  Insects make up more than two-thirds of all known organisms, and have been around for 400 million years.  The study of insects, or entomology, has also been around for quite a long time.  So what exactly does an entomologist do? Early entomologists would […]

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Four Signs of Termites


It’s the insect that every homeowner dreads: Termites! Subterranean Termites can cause massive damage to your home, especially if they are not discovered and treated quickly.  If you’re concerned that you might have a termite infestation in your home, here are four signs of termites that can help you determine whether you need to call […]

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Top Three Termite Treatment Methods


Termites can cause irreparable damage to homes and can affect the integrity and structure of your house.  If you discover termites or suspect you have termites, it’s important to contact a professional pest control company immediately.  A professional pest control company will be able to assess the situation, and recommend and administer the appropriate termite […]

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Professional Pest Control vs. DIY


Do you have a garage full of do-it-yourself pest control treatments, yet you still experience continual bug or pest problems in your home?  You’re not alone.  Many homeowners are do-it-yourselfers when it comes to pest control. Some are successful while many are not. Entomologists Know Bugs Some professional pest control companies employ entomologists who study […]

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Pest Control for Home: The Taexx System


The Taexx system, originally called Tubes in the Wall, was created by HomeTeam Pest Defense to provide preventive protection against household pests and bugs such as ants, spiders, earwigs, cockroaches and more.

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What’s Bugging You?: Our Top 10 U.S. Household Pests


Did you know that there are approximately millions and millions of species of insects in the world?  That’s a lot of pests.  And that  doesn’t even include rodents and other critters that invade our homes and our lives on a daily basis.  With all those bugs and pests running around it’s difficult for a homeowner to […]

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Stop Bugging Me: Tips for Keeping Your Home Pest Free


Tired of little creepy crawlers invading your home?  Having regularly scheduled pest control service is the key to maintaining a pest free home long-term, but homeowners can implement preventive measures that go a long way toward avoiding a serious infestation problem. 1. Store firewood, lumber, bricks and stones away from your home If you leave […]

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Still Bugging Us After All These Years: The History of Pest Control


Think ants or getting rid of cockroaches is a modern problem? Think again. Pest control in the home has been an issue for thousands of years.  Since history has been recorded, pests have been an unwelcome part of people’s lives. What Worked Back In the Day As far back as 2500 BC, records indicate the Sumerians dealt with […]

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Top Problem Pests


Ants are the most common pest problem in America, with more than 80% of homeowners experiencing ant problems.

From the Blog

Fire Ants

Fire ants are small, yellowish-red to black in color, aggressive, vicious and known for their painful burning sting.

From the Blog


Spiders have eight legs, round bodies and range from very small sizes to several inches in length. Their bodies do not have segments, and their heads are fused to their abdomens.

From the Blog


When termites from a colony settle into your home, the structure becomes infested. Termites have straight bead-like antennae.

From the Blog

House Flies

House flies get their name from being the most common type of fly found in homes throughout the U.S.

From the Blog


All rodents are excellent climbers and only need a very small external opening to get inside homes and other buildings.

From the Blog


Easy to identify by their wormlike bodies, slender antennae and pairs of legs on most of their body segments.


Earwigs have a low tolerance for heat, becoming active at night and spending the day in hiding.

From the Blog


Most paper wasps measure about 2 cm (¾ in) long and are black, brown, or reddish in color with yellow markings.

From the Blog


Although they are perceived as dangerous, the Arizona Bark Scorpion is the only species with venom that is deadly enough to kill a human.

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Inspecting your home’s exterior to identify potential pest problems
Removing cobwebs and wasps nests within reach
Injecting the Taexx® built-in pest control system (if installed in your home) or providing conventional pest control applications
Treating entry points such as doors and windows.
Applying pest control materials around the perimeter of your home
Providing a detailed service report and preventive tips to keep your home pest-free between scheduled treatments

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What is Taexx?

*Installation method is customized to construction types, and may vary.

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