Liquid Anti Termite Soil Treatment for New Construction

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Termite Soil Treatment

Innovative two-step termite treatment process

Termites love wood and water, and need both to sustain subterranean colonies which can be hundreds of feet from the home. That’s why we use an innovative two-step termite treatment process to protect homes from termites.

HomeTeam’s soil treatment sets up a powerful barrier to protect the home for years to come.

Liquid based Anti Termite soil pretreatment
A Powerful

One-Two Punch from HomeTeam

Step One

We apply a liquid termiticide to the soil before the concrete slab is poured. This creates a hostile territory around entry points like expansion joints and plumbing systems.

Step Two

Upon completion of the home, we return to do a final grade treatment to create a highly effective barrier.

The bottom line?

Once a home is built on soil pretreated by HomeTeam, termites seek a path of less resistance leaving homeowners free to rest easy without worry about their valuable home investment.

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Soil treatment for termites is only the beginning. HomeTeam brings a nationwide network of expertise in every area of pest and termite control to ensure that every home we treat remains secure, comfortable and free from unwanted pests of all kinds.

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*Installation method is customized to construction types, and may vary.

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