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Built-in Pest Control System

What is the benefit to owning a Taexx system?

When HomeTeam Pest Defense services your home, the technician will inject distribution lines inside the walls with pest control materials limiting contact with your family and pets. It’s effective because the pest control materials target pests where they hide, live and breed – inside the walls. And, it’s convenient. The advanced external hub means skilled techs can connect and provide pest service to the Taexx in-wall network without needing access to the indoors.

How do I obtain the Taexx system in my home?

HomeTeam Pest Defense installs the Taexx integrated pest control system during a home’s construction. Ask your builder if they offer Taexx as a standard feature. Not all do. For homes that are already constructed, HomeTeam Pest Defense can still offer you our pest control service with our 6-Point Advantage Service.

Does the Taexx networked home system cause moisture build up inside the walls?

No. Independent research conducted by the University of Florida concluded that, “There is more water weight from condensation after a hot shower” than results from servicing a Taexx system in a home.

Does the Taexx integrated pest control system control termites?

No. It is not a deterrent for termites. However, we offer other products and services that will guard against termites including our termite baiting system and termite treatments of wood and soil.

What if I have blown-in insulation?

Exterior finishes, foundation design and insulation type effect which walls Taexx is installed. Taexx is designed to meet the specific needs of each builder. The Taexx system will be installed in designated exterior or interior walls or combination of both.

Will the Taexx system clog after several treatments?

No. Independent research by University of Georgia determined that there was no apparent clogging of the apertures (holes), and none of the apertures malfunctioned during the simulated twenty-year test. The Taexx in-wall network, treatment equipment, and application techniques have been designed to work together to ensure clog-free lines for the life of the system.

What chemicals are used in the Taexx integrated system?

The pest control materials applied through the Taexx system are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. Tempo SC Ultra, manufactured by Bayer Environmental Sciences, is currently being used by HomeTeam Pest Defense technicians when servicing the Taexx system. (Product label and material data safety sheets are available upon request.)

What happens if a Taexx distribution line is cut during construction?

Typically, damaged lines are found and repaired prior to closing up the walls. In the rare instance of a cut line enclosed in a wall, HomeTeam Pest Defense technicians can detect a damaged line during treatment and mark the line at the port box to prevent further treatments of that single line. The Taexx system typically has 10-15 zones and will cover adequate pest control even if a zone is disabled.

Does the networked home system, taexx, qualify for “green” programs?

Yes. The Florida Green Building Coalition (3 points), as well as numerous other “Green” programs, provides “Green Points” for including integrated pest management practices, specifically, precision targeting of pesticides to areas not contacted by or accessible to the occupants.

How does the Taexx integrated system effect the air quality inside the home?

Independent research conducted by Dr. Richard Lipsey, a University of North Florida toxicologist, has determined that there is no detectable level of pest control materials in the living areas of the home following the servicing of a Taexx integrated pest control system.

I am a builder. Who do I contact if I want more information?

Each region of the country is supported by Builder Sales Representatives who can answer all your questions. You can email HomeTeam Pest Defense from the contact page or call 1-877-461-PEST (7378) to get your representative contact information.

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Inspecting your home's exterior to identify potential pest problems
Removing cobwebs and wasps nests within reach
Injecting the Taexx® built-in pest control system (if installed in your home) or providing conventional pest control applications
Treating entry points such as doors and windows.
Applying pest control materials around the perimeter of your home
Providing a detailed service report and preventive tips to keep your home pest-free between scheduled treatments

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*Installation method is customized to construction types, and may vary.


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What is Taexx?

*Installation method is customized to construction types, and may vary.

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