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swarming termitesWhat is the best way to treat termites?

We get this question all the time, and our answer might surprise you. The best treatment for termites is to prevent them from invading your home in the first place!

It’s no secret that termites are destructive pests that can cause BIG problems. In fact, termites cause more than $5 billion worth of property damage each year in the U.S.. They don’t discriminate, either. Termites can attack your home no matter its location. Even worse? Sometimes you can’t even tell you have termites in the house until they have already done major damage.

Termites swarm in early spring, which is usually when people become aware they have a termite problem. However, these pests and their damage aren’t limited to early spring. They’re actually feeding on your home 24/7, and many people don’t realize it until it’s too late.

Subterranean termites are the worst offenders and can collapse an entire building from their feasting alone. They have hard, saw-toothed jaws that can bite off small pieces of wood and weaken the structural strength of a building.

Your home is most likely your biggest investment. That’s why we recommend preventative treatment to protect it from becoming a termite’s next meal. At HomeTeam, we offer termite control methods for existing homes AND new construction.


termite pest control
Sentricon bait station

Our professional monitoring service and Sentricon® termite baiting system stops subterranean termites in their tracks. In fact, Sentricon is the No. 1 brand in termite protection! It has been backed by more than 60 scientific and 30 independent research studies as the only termite control product proven time and time again to eliminate entire colonies – including the queen.

Sentricon bait stations are installed in the ground around the perimeter of your home. These stations have an active ingredient that keep termites from molting – something they need to do to survive. The termites take this bait back to their colony, which effectively kills it off. The big difference between Sentricon and other methods is that Sentricon attacks the termite colony itself, not just a few members, which is a typical result when dealing with liquid treatments. Be sure to check out our new video to see how it works!


We also offer a natural method for controlling termites with our Borate Wood Preservative. Borate is made from a chemical compound of oxygen and boron, with borates from mineral deposits around the world. When the preservative is applied to wood with pressure treatment, it offers a layer of protection to defend against termites and other wood-decomposing organisms such as carpenter ants. Because of this, borate is offered for new construction termite solutions.

When termites attempt to feast on the borate-treated wood, the preservative interrupts their metabolic functions and prevents them from processing food. Because borates act slowly, termites feed the substance to other members of their colony before dying, which increases the treatment’s effectiveness. Not to worry! It doesn’t stain or discolor wood in any way. It’s primarily used in vulnerable areas such as floor joists, beams, and studs.

What are you waiting for? Protect your biggest investment today.

If you have a termite problem or need a reliable pest control service, we’re here to help. Request a quote or call 855-855-4873 and a termite control professional will address your needs.


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