Stop Bugging Me: Tips for Keeping Your Home Pest Free


IMG 0854 1 300x199 Stop Bugging Me: <em>Tips for Keeping Your Home Pest Free</em>

Tired of little creepy crawlers invading your home?  Having regularly scheduled pest control service is the key to maintaining a pest free home long-term, but homeowners can implement preventive measures that go a long way toward avoiding a serious infestation problem.

1. Store firewood, lumber, bricks and stones away from your home

If you leave them near your home, they provide shelter and food. You don’t want that!

2. Cover trash and store in tightly closed bins

Keep your trash can tightly lidded so that creatures can’t come in and overturn it. Bugs and vermin can get into the trash and end up finding a meal. And, creatures keep close to food sources–like your warm home.

3. Turn off your garden hoses completely.

This will eliminate a water source for pests.

4. Seal holes, cracks and openings.

You don’t want to give pests and rodents easy access into your home.

5. Keep trees and bushes trimmed.

By keeping branches away from your house, you make it more difficult for ants and rodents to get to your house. You don’t provide a roadway in.

6. Pick up or cover uneaten pet food or store until the next meal time.

Pet food is just as attractive to pests as human food. Keep a lid on it while your pet is not eating.

7. Stay Alert

Do a full house and backyard check for ways that pests can enter your home. Check for rips in screens, windows that have gaps and any cracks in your foundation and siding. Bugs and rodents can enter through the tiniest holes.

When Pests Are Already There

If you do find that you have a pest infestation, a reputable company like HomeTeam Pest Defense can make removing unwanted guests an easy task. Before trying to tackle the job yourself, get expert advice from a company that’s among the best in the United States. Online resources exist to help you determine which pests you may have in your home and those to watch out for.

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