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Do you have a garage full of do-it-yourself pest control treatments, yet you still experience continual bug or pest problems in your home?  You’re not alone.  Many homeowners are do-it-yourselfers when it comes to pest control. Some are successful while many are not.

Entomologists Know Bugs

Some professional pest control companies employ entomologists who study bugs and other pests and investigate ways to control them.  A reputable and seasoned pest control company has the expertise and know-how to do eliminate bug and pest problems.

Whether it’s termites, ants or rodents the professional pest control service team has the experience to assess the problem and quickly and effectively eliminate it.

Proactive Solutions from the Pros

Because professional pest control services have extensive experience, they can spot what homeowners can’t. Once you find a pest in your home, it may already be too late. Your home may be infested. The professional pest provider can look for key indicators of infestation in hard to reach areas of your home like crawl spaces and attics.  In addition, they can tailor their methods to your home’s specific needs—children or pets in the home.

Innovative systems like the Taexx® System, an in-wall pest control system, provide a barrier in your new home to keep bugs from entering the home by attacking them where they live—in the walls.

Professional Pest Control Can Cost Less

You may think that putting down a few dollar mouse traps or setting out a couple of $6 ant traps will be cheaper than calling in an expert pest control provider, but the reality is that most DIY pest treatments are short-lived fixes.  By the time you realize the DIY remedies haven’t worked, a pest infestation may have blossomed. The problem is now out of control and professional treatment may be more extensive.

DIY Means Guessing

You think you have ants, so you buy an ant repellent.  You spray and treat, but you keep seeing them so you call a professional.  The professional determines that you, in fact, have termites.  Months have gone by and now you might have a serious termite infestation.  Since termites can destroy the average home in 3-5 years, guessing wrong could cost a homeowner significant damage.

Even if you select the “right” treatment for your particular bug problem there are other variables to consider in pest control.  The professional provider can determine what will work for your climate, your home, your particular pest and your particular situation.

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