Those late summer stingers, why so aggressive?

pestDefense_tickIt’s the time of year when family gatherings are interrupted by wasps sending guests running and flailing their arms.  Typically the only time humans are confronted by these aggressive stingers, is when we’ve disturbed a colony’s nest. However, towards the end of summer when the queen has laid her final brood, all of the wasps defending the colony are free to go!

Just like us, wasps are looking for a quick energy boost. Proteins and sugary foods like ice cream, wine, soda, fruit and meats are potential invitations for them to stop by and snack. Unlike honey bees, wasps do not die after stinging you and can potentially sting repeatedly when irritated, causing pain to humans and animals.

Although we don’t like their painful stings, most wasps are vital to our ecosystems. Yellow Jackets and other wasps pollinate plants and keep earth much less pest ridden because they feed on flies, spiders, and other insects that damage crops and can be nuisances near your home. Fear of getting stung is real, but there are ways to prevent stings.

The National Pest Management Association offers these specific tips:

  • Wear shoes, especially in grassy areas.
  • Many stinging insects are attracted to sweets; do not leave drinks or food in accessible areas.
  • Do not attempt to remove a nest on your own or swing/swat at stinging insects; an aggressive reaction and repeated stinging may occur.
  • Keep windows and doors properly screened.
  • Promptly remove garbage and store it in sealed receptacles.
  • If stung and you have a reaction, seek immediate medical attention since reactions can be severe.

Removing wasps’ nests within reach is part of HomeTeam’s 6-Point Advantage Service; we’ll take care of the scary part for you and let you enjoy your home year round. To find out more about stinging insect control, call or email your local HomeTeam branch

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