Taexx Now In One Million Homes


It’s an exciting time at HomeTeam as we celebrate one million installations of Taexx, our built-in pest control system, with our more than 1,000 homebuilder partners nationwide.

How Taexx works

pestDefense_taexxTaexx is the original Tubes in the Wall® system to help keep new homes free of common household pests by targeting bugs where they live, hide, and breed. This built-in pest control system consists of a network of small, perforated tubes. Taexx tubes run behind designated walls in your home. Activating the Taexx system is an efficient and effective solution to pest control needs.

Once Taexx is installed, pest control materials are applied through a port box on an outside wall of the home by professional technicians from HomeTeam. The service technicians visit the home for regularly scheduled services, which includes inspection of the home’s exterior perimeter for pest problems. Controlling household pests is easy and convenient because after the first visit, you don’t have to be home.

The Taexx system can only be installed during new home construction, so check with your builder to see if they partner with HomeTeam to install the system. You may already have Taexx installed and not know it. Just check your home’s exterior walls for a mounted port box like the ones pictured, or call HomeTeam for confirmation.

Benefits of Taexx

  • Taexx is more effective, requiring less pest control materials than traditional treatments.
  • Taexx minimizes exposure inside the home, which helps protect family members and pets.
  • Pest control materials last longer in the wall because they are not exposed to sunlight or rain.
  • Customers save valuable time because HomeTeam services the home through an outside port, and you don’t have to be home.

What our Taexx customers say

Our customers are very satisfied with their decision to use HomeTeam and Taexx. Third-party research of our customers found:

  • 92% of Taexx customers believe homebuilders are providing a unique pest control system; 88% view it as advanced technology.
  • 69% of Taexx customers say homebuilders who offer the Taexx system are better than other homebuilders.
  • 84% of Taexx customers say if they were to build another home, they would want the Taexx system included.

A new home is something to be proud of and is one of the largest investments you’ll make. Let Taexx and HomeTeam help protect your family by eliminating insects at the source.

Do you have Taexx installed in your home? If so, we’d love for you to share your experience in the comments section below. For more information on how the Taexx system can improve your life at home, watch our lead entomologist explain more about Taexx or contact HomeTeam Pest Defense today.


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What is Taexx?

*Installation method is customized to construction types, and may vary.

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