It could be fleas!

Fleas are small, reddish-brown, wingless insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. Not only are they a source of irritation, but they can also carry and spread disease. Controlling fleas is a significant annual expense for some pet owners. But even when you have no pets, structures can still become infested. Animals such as bats, rats, and raccoons can reside in your property’s structures and might be the source of the problem.


One of the best ways to control fleas is by thoroughly cleaning. If you suspect you have fleas, treat your pets and clean their areas regularly. Vacuuming can remove flea larvae and eggs from carpets. Make sure to clean under furniture and along walls and discard your vacuum bags properly.


If the problem persists, contact our branch office nearest to you to find out how HomeTeam can help you control fleas in and around your home.


Signs of a Flea Infestation in Your Home

Are you itching to find out if your home is playing host to unwanted guests? Fleas, notorious for their irritating bites and rapid reproduction, may have silently invaded your living space. Keep a vigilant eye on these signs to determine if you’re dealing with a flea infestation:

  • Itchy Bites — Flea bites often result in red, itchy welts on your skin, especially around the ankles and legs.
  • Pet Scratching — Frequent scratching, biting, or restlessness in your pets may signal flea activity.
  • Visible Fleas — Although tiny, fleas can sometimes be seen on your pet’s fur or even jumping around your home.
  • Flea Dirt — Dark specks on pet fur or bedding could be flea dirt, a mix of blood and flea excrement.
  • Hot Spots — Fleas love warm, humid environments, so areas like carpets, pet bedding, and upholstery are potential hot spots.


How to Get Rid of Fleas: HomeTeam Pest Defense to the Rescue!

Don’t let fleas make themselves at home in your space. HomeTeam Pest Defense offers expert pest control services, ensuring a thorough inspection and targeted treatment to eliminate fleas from your living spaces.


Starting in 1996 in Dallas, Texas, our journey has propelled us to become the nation’s foremost pest management company. We proudly serve home builders and homeowners, undertaking over 2,000,000 services annually with unwavering excellence.


Benefit from over two decades of proven expertise, in which our seasoned professionals have become synonymous with effective pest control. Embrace innovation with our Taexx® system, help ensure your home receives a comprehensive shield against pests.


If fleas are causing you distress, it’s time to trust the experts. HomeTeam Pest Defense brings together experience, innovation, and a passion for customer satisfaction. Don’t let these pesky intruders invade your property. Contact HomeTeam at (877) 461-7378 for a flea-free home!

Do fleas bite people?

Yes, fleas do bite people. While fleas are typically associated with pets, they can and do bite humans. Flea bites on people can cause red, itchy welts, and some individuals may experience allergic reactions to flea saliva. It’s essential to address flea infestations promptly to prevent discomfort and potential health risks.


Are fleas harmful to people?

Fleas are typically seen as bothersome rather than a significant health hazard. Nevertheless, their bites can induce irritation and itching, causing discomfort. Some people may be allergic to flea saliva, leading to more severe reactions.


Additionally, fleas can transmit several diseases to both humans and animals, and they are carriers of certain pathogens. Some notable diseases associated with flea bites are the Bubonic plague, Murine typhus, tapeworm infections and Cat Scratch fever.


Preventing flea-borne diseases involves effective flea control, both on pets and within the home environment. Regular veterinary care for pets, good hygiene practices, and professional pest control services can contribute to the prevention of flea-related health issues.


Can fleas survive without being on a pet?

Yes, fleas can survive without being on a pet. Fleas are resilient pests that can live in various environments. They can infest carpets, bedding, and upholstery, laying eggs that develop into larvae and pupae. Understanding this life cycle is crucial for effective flea control, as it necessitates treating both the pet and the surrounding environment.


Is it necessary to hire professionals to get rid of fleas?

While there are DIY methods for flea control, hiring professionals like HomeTeam Pest Defense can provide a more comprehensive and effective solution. Professionals like us have the expertise to identify the extent of the infestation, target fleas at all life stages, and offer guidance on preventing future outbreaks. Our team’s knowledge and specialized treatments can save you time and help ensure a more successful outcome.


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How to get rid of fleas?

Getting rid of fleas involves a multi-faceted approach:

  • Treat Pets — Use vet-recommended flea treatments for pets.
  • Clean and Vacuum — Regularly clean and vacuum your home, focusing on carpets, rugs, and pet bedding.
  • Wash Bedding — Wash pet bedding, human bedding, and any fabrics that might harbor fleas.
  • Hire Professional Pest Control — Consider hiring HomeTeam Pest Defense for a targeted and efficient solution.


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