What’s Bugging You: 2022 Survey of Homeowners


The results are in! We recently fielded a national survey of homeowners to find out more about today’s top pest issues, and how people deal with them. A staggering 76% of homeowners have experienced a pest issue in the past year. When it comes to homeowners experiencing pest problems in or around their home, the top five offenders were ants (72%), mosquitoes (58%), spiders (57%), rodents (55%), and wasps (53%).

The survey was administered online during March of 2022, and respondents were U.S. citizens who own a home between the ages of 25 and 75.

pest problem

Of those who had problems with pests, the biggest issue cited was the inconvenience of having to take time to deal with them. Nearly a quarter, however, said they had structural damage to their home, or to their trees or garden – all good reasons to have ongoing pest and termite control services to help prevent pest problems and destruction.

Because of this, it’s no surprise that 60% of homeowners are somewhat or very concerned about pests, and concern is even higher for parents (70%) and pet owners (65%).

So, what’s really bugging U.S. homeowners? We broke down the top ten pests that respondents would be concerned about if they found them in or around the home:

  • Mice: 73% would be concerned
  • Ants: 73% would be concerned
  • Termites: 72% would be concerned
  • Wasps: 69% would be concerned
  • Cockroaches: 68% would be concerned
  • Mosquitoes: 66% would be concerned
  • Ticks: 66% would be concerned
  • Rats: 63% would be concerned
  • Spiders: 63% would be concerned
  • Bedbugs: 60% would be concerned

Our survey also revealed that 37% of homeowners attempt to resolve pest issues themselves; however, the success rate of DIY pest control is minimal, with 64% of DIYers unable to fully resolve their pest issues.

Homeowners agreed that mosquitoes are definitely a headache, 77% of those surveyed responded that mosquitoes are a problem in their yard. While termites are one of the top 5 most concerning pests, surprisingly, 41% of participants have not had their homes inspected for them.

We can help! Our mosquito control service has a two-pronged approach to treating and drastically reducing the mosquito population in your yard. Now is the best time of year to purchase a mosquito service plan. We currently have special offers available for packages that will keep them at bay all season long. We also provide termite inspections and termite treatment options, such as our Sentricon® system for homes that are already built and Borate wood preservative for new homes under construction.

We were surprised to learn that 60% of homeowners are either extremely or somewhat concerned about pests in and around their home, but only 44% use a pest control service! If you need a reliable pest control company, we’ve got your back. Request a quote or call 855-855-4873 and a pest control professional will address your needs.

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