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Image of a common tarantula.

Tarantulas are much bigger than most spiders. Their bodies are typically three inches long, and they have leg spans ranging from three to twelve inches. Known for the long hair on their bodies, they have eight legs that are usually bent. Each leg has two claws at the tip used for scaling surfaces. While many range in color, they can be found in the western and southern parts of the U.S. in brown and black. With two prominent fangs, tarantulas have appendages located below their eyes and directly forward of their mouth, which contain venom glands for paralyzing their prey. They have two large round eyes in the middle of their face, surrounded by three eyes on each side.

Some tarantulas have the ability to shoot hairs as a defense causing irritation. While most venom is not harmful to humans, severe injuries occur from hypersensitivity or allergies. If you experience problems, seek professional medical attention.

For more information, please visit www.desertmuseum.org/kids/oz/long-fact-sheets/tarantula.php.


Image of a common tarantula.

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