How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Protection for Winter


Prepare your home for pest protection 300x199 How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Protection for WinterPests come in all shapes and sizes, but you don’t want them coming into your home no matter what size they are. With the colder months quickly approaching, now is a good time to inspect around your home and take steps to keep pests out.


  • Check for holes and cracks. Even holes as small as a quarter inch is enough room for a mouse to squeeze its body through. A half inch is large enough for a rat.
  • Inspect the rubber stripping at the bottom of the garage door? Is it cracked? Does it have holes or gaps? You might need to replace it.
  • Where is the pet food stored? Mice and rats can chew through bags and they’d like nothing better than to get their jaws into the pet food. Store pet food in a plastic container with a tight lid.


  • Be sure the access door is properly fitted and closes tightly.
  • Check the vents to be sure they are not blocked by fallen leaves.
  • Are screens intact and in good shape?
  • Inspect the plumbing penetrations from the subfloor into the house. Close all gaps between the flooring and the PVC.


  • Remove bird nests.  Nests can host a variety of pests and cause smoke to back up into the house.

Exterior of the house:

  • Store firewood off the ground and away from the house or structure.
  • Do you have any leaky faucets that provide a water source for bugs or rodents? Fix it.
  • Repair or seal any holes or gaps in the foundation.
  • Seal cracks around doors and windows.
  • Trim tree limbs to about six feet away from the house.
  • Remove vegetation directly near your house. Vegetation provides shelter from predators.

Pest management service professionals are trained in what to look for during an inspection. We know you can trust our professional pest control service, and we want to prove it to you.  Visit our website, or call 855-855-4873 to find out more about HomeTeam Pest Defense.

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