Cold Weather Sends Rodents Indoors


According to a national survey*, 60% of homeowners in the U.S. experience a problem with rodents like mice or rats at some point, and up to 30% experience a problem each year. As temperatures begin to drop and rodents need to find shelter to survive the cold winter months, your warm and cozy homes with plenty of food and water resources become a perfect winter lodge to these unwanted guests.

Rats and mice can pose significant risks to your health and properties. Not only do they spread a number of diseases, but they are also known to chew on wires, which can put your home at risk of electrical damage. If a rodent should die in your walls or attic, the horrific smell could last for weeks!

Preventing Rodents Indoors

To prevent rats and mice from invading your homes, the National Pest Management Association recommends you take the following precautions:

  • Make sure all holes, cracks, and voids are sealed.
  • Don’t overlook proper drainage at the foundation and install gutters.
  • Keep branches and other plants cut back from the house

HomeTeam would also like to remind you to:

  • Pick up pet food bowls at night.
  • Place leftover food in sealed containers.
  • Eliminate sources of water, such as leaky pipes or clogged drains.

If you’re unsure if rodents are roaming your halls, here are a few key signs to look for:

  • Rodent droppings– these can be found near pet food, in cupboards, drawers, or in your attic or basement.
  • Nibbled Food Boxes or Containers– Rodents can chew through your paper and plastic bags
  • Stale and Pungent Smells– It’s common to smell an unusual pungent odor when rodents are present.

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Third party research of HomeTeam customers

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