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Bed Bugs

Although they seem to be the “bug du jour”, bed bugs have feasted on sleeping humans for thousands of years. The reddish brown, wingless insects are about the size of an apple seed. Your risk of encountering bed bugs increases if you spend time in places with a high turnover of guests – such as hotels or hospitals. They don’t normally stay on humans after they feed, but might take refuge in clothes or nearby luggage.

Bed bugs make their home in cracks and crevices and can be found in areas such as:
  • mattresses
  • headboards
  • under carpet
  • box springs
  • bed frames
  • picture frames
  • cushions
  • behind baseboards

Bed bug bites can be difficult to distinguish from other insects but generally are red and itchy spots arranged in an uneven line or cluster and located on the face, neck, arms and hands. Did you know that it is a myth that bed bugs are a sign of uncleanliness? They don’t care. All they need is a warm host and plenty of hiding spots!




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