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  1. We inspect your home's exterior to identify potential pest problems.
  2. We remove cobwebs and wasps nests within reach.
  3. We inject the Taexx® built-in pest control system (if installed in your home) or provide conventional pest control applications.
  4. We treat entry points such as doors and windows.
  5. We apply pest control materials around the perimeter of your home.
  6. We provide a detailed service report and preventive tips to keep your home pest-free between scheduled treatments.

Taexx built-in pest control system

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We designed Taexx, the original TUBES IN THE WALL® system, to create a virtual barrier that keeps pests on the outside of your home, and your family securely nestled within. Taexx is a network of tiny tubes that run throughout designated walls of your home. This network strikes unwanted guests where they're the most vulnerable.

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Servicing Locations in and around:

San Antonio, New Braunfels, San Marcos, La Vernia, Spring Branch, Seguin, Boerne, Helotes, Kerrville, Canyon Lake, Bexar County, Guadalupe County, Comal County, Hays County, Bandera County, Medina County, Atascosa County.

Pest Control San Antonio

HomeTeam Pest Defense is the best pest control company in San Antonio, TX. Not only is HomeTeam Pest Defense the third largest residential pest control company in the U.S. we provide services to the entire San Antonio, TX area. Our pest control San Antonio, TX services helps control many types of pests and protect against termites. In addition to pest control services, we offer mosquito control and fire ant control services.

Our commitment to service and quality helps set us apart from other pest control companies in San Antonio and other areas. HomeTeam Pest Defense will send a qualified pest control technician to your home to begin protecting your home from pest infestations. There are specific steps in our pest control services that an expert technician will perform to help you keep your home pest free. If you have the Taexx built-in pest control system, not offered by other companies, our technician can even perform the pest control service when you are not home. Very convenient for many folks in San Antonio, Texas!

San Antonio Termite Control

Termite control is an issue in Texas. Our San Antonio termite control will protect your home from termite infestation. We offer preventative wood treatments during construction to protect new homes against termite infestation. Talk to your home builder. We are the largest company among pest control companies working with home builders. For existing homes, we provide a complete termite baiting system called Sentricon System. The termite system helps to monitor for signs of termite activity. If termite activity is noticed, HomeTeam Pest Defense will place termite bait in the stations. Termites then share the bait until the colony is eliminated.

Don’t let pests or termites ruin your day or your home. Pick up the phone and call the San Antonio HomeTeam Pest Defense office today! When you compare us to other companies, we’ll stand out. We stand by our services!



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San Antonio East

HomeTeam Pest Defense
11900 Crown Point Drive, Suite 120
San Antonio, TX 78233

San Antonio West

HomeTeam Pest Defense
12677 Silicon Drive
San Antonio, TX 78249

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Top Problem Pests


Ants are the most common pest problem in America, with more than 80% of homeowners experiencing ant problems.

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Fire Ants

Fire ants are small, yellowish-red to black in color, aggressive, vicious and known for their painful burning sting.

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Spiders have eight legs, round bodies and range from very small sizes to several inches in length. Their bodies do not have segments, and their heads are fused to their abdomens.

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When termites from a colony settle into your home, the structure becomes infested. Termites have straight bead-like antennae.

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House Flies

House flies get their name from being the most common type of fly found in homes throughout the U.S.

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All rodents are excellent climbers and only need a very small external opening to get inside homes and other buildings.

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Easy to identify by their wormlike bodies, slender antennae and pairs of legs on most of their body segments.


Earwigs have a low tolerance for heat, becoming active at night and spending the day in hiding.

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Most paper wasps measure about 2 cm (¾ in) long and are black, brown, or reddish in color with yellow markings.

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Although they are perceived as dangerous, the Arizona Bark Scorpion is the only species with venom that is deadly enough to kill a human.

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Fleas are small, reddish-brown, wingless insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals.

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