Winter Pest Alert – Pests to Watch for in Your Region


Winter’s cold temperatures do a great job of encouraging hibernation or even killing many pests that enter homes and buildings. However, it is unwise to expect a bug-free winter; on the contrary, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has forecasted heavy pest activities across the U.S. this winter.

According to the NPMA’s fall/winter bug barometer, flooding and extreme heat waves in the summer have increased the chance of heavy pest activities in the winter.

  • Pacific Northwest

Problems caused by the increased rodent population will persist across the Pacific Northwest. The colder and drier winter forces these unwanted guests into residential areas. To learn how to prevent rodents from entering indoors, read our latest blog for more tips.

  • Northeast

Consistent rainfall and warm weather in the summer allowed stink bugs and ladybugs to flourish in the Northeast. Residents in these areas may continue experiencing these pests indoors during the winter.

  • Midwest

The mild spring and warm summer of the Midwest was the ideal weather for rodents to boost their population and these critters will invade homes in the fall and winter for food and shelter. Additionally, the rainfalls intensified the pressure from occasional invaders such as earwigs and millipedes. So don’t be surprised if you see these creepy crawling pests indoors.

  • Southwest

The combination of heat and wetness increased cockroach and ant incidence throughout the Southwest and the West Coast in the summer. Abundant food resources will allow spiders and stinging insects to continue their activities in the winter months.

  • Southeast

Heavy rainfalls in many areas of the Southeast made mosquitoes more prolific than usual. Higher termite and ant activity in the fall was also due to the warm, wet weather.

  • Florida

In addition to common winter pests such as rodents, cockroaches, ants, and silverfish, Florida residents face another threat from mosquitoes. Florida’s wet and warm weather offers the perfect living condition for mosquitoes. Even a hard freeze is not guaranteed to kill eggs laid in winter and adult females will survive by hibernation and will be active again once the temperature warms up.

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