Halloween has the tricks, but we’re bringing the treats: It’s time for HomeTeam HalloWin


sweepstakesCooler weather, Halloween décor popping up around the neighborhood, and pumpkin-spice EVERYTHING can only mean one thing: it’s spooky season!

With the arrival of one of our favorite holidays, it’s also time for our annual HomeTeam HalloWin sweepstakes! This year, we want to know how you would “treat yourself” with the grand prize of a $500 Visa®  Gift card! Would you go on a weekend getaway or pay your bills? Maybe go on a date night or save the money for holiday shopping? Cast your vote HERE for a chance to win! But wait, there’s more! Ten additional lucky runners-up will also win $50 Visa gift cards, and the more actions you complete after voting, the better your chances are to win. The sweepstakes runs throughout the month of October, wrapping up on Halloween, and prizes will be awarded shortly after.  For more information and official rules, click here.

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House centipede

Since it is spooky season, and pests are always creeping around, we’ve rounded up some of the scariest-looking pests you’re likely to encounter in your home:

  • Spiders – It’s no secret that spiders give us the creepy-crawlies, they’re practically a mascot for Halloween! With their impossibly long legs and rapid web-building, these arachnids bring about arachnophobia, or intense fear of spiders, in more than 31% of Americans. In fact, arachnophobia is one of the top five fears of people in the United States.
  • House Centipede – Pictured on the left, a house centipede has a multitude of legs (usually 15) and antennae. This insect can climb and crawl up almost any surface, making it even scarier. However, we shouldn’t be afraid of them! House centipedes can actually be useful house guests and are known for killing other household pests such as moths, cockroaches, flies, silverfish, and termites.
  • pest control

    Cockroaches – According to our survey+, respondents expressed cockroaches being a dealbreaker if found in a potential home when house hunting. This come as no surprise, cockroaches are universally hated and one of the most common pests we treat.

  • Solifugae– A solifuge, more commonly referred to as “camel spiders”, “wind scorpions”, or “sun spiders”, look like a cross between a scorpion and a spider. Double the spook! Although these arachnids have massive jaws, its bite causes no permanent harm to humans.

Looking for “tricks” to combat the creepy-crawlies? You can find tips to combat fall pests here. If you have a spooky pest problem or need pest control service, you can request a quote or call 855-855-4873 and one of our pest control professionals will address your needs.

+Survey of national homeowners by HomeTeam Pest Defense, 2012.

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