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The Ugly Pest Un-Phased by Winter – Silverfish


argentine_antWinter’s cold temperatures do a great job encouraging hibernation or even killing many pests that enter homes and buildings, but silverfish can actually be even more prominent in the winter months!  These pests are nocturnal so they come out at night and couldn’t look creepier. Silverfish get their name from their silver/gray scales; they have 2 antennae and 3 tail like appendages as well that make them look extra icky!

Silverfish are believed to have been in existence for millions of years thriving in any climate. Adding to their creepy crawly nature is their preferred hangout – anywhere cold, dark and damp. Basements, attics, underneath kitchen or bathroom sinks – basically anywhere humidity is higher than other places in the home. Cracks in floors or ceiling are another good place to check for these critters.

Oftentimes in the winter when people are loading decorations in and out of attics or garages, silverfish hitch a ride and get into the main parts of the home. The good thing is they do not bite and are not poisonous, just scary to see! They feed on books, glue, wallpaper, dry goods and boxes. Vacuuming often and keeping the home clear of clutter will go a long way in keeping it a less hospitable environment for this and many other pests. Female silverfish can lay up to 3,500 eggs so it can get out of control quickly. You can help regulate humidity in certain areas with a dehumidifier, and can check out these other tips to make sure you don’t get caught jumping and screaming at the site of a silverfish!

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