Tap Insulation for Pest Control

A combination of pest control materials with blown-in attic insulation

TAP is the only pest control product with an Energy Star rating!

TAP is a patented product that is a combination of pest control materials with blown-in attic insulation.

TAP Pest Control Insulation

  • Controls Bugs
  • Saves Money on Energy Bills
  • Absorbs Sound
  • Provides a Perfect Fit
  • Is Enviromentally Friendly
  • Delivers Fire Resistance
  • Contains All Natural Ingredients

TAP Insulation offered in
Charles Town, WV
and Winston-Salem, NC.

TAP Controls Bugs

Insects do not build up a tolerance to TAP and this blown-in attic insulation controls ants, cockroaches, silverfish and many other pests.

Save Money & Decrease Energy Bills

TAP helps homeowners stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Comfortable conservation.

The Quiet Life

TAP reduces outside noise and helps create a peaceful environment inside your home.

TAP is Green

TAP is made from all natural ingredients and recycled newsprint – so while you are controlling pests and saving energy, you are also conserving land fill space.

A Perfect Fit

TAP forms a perfect fit in your attic, leaving no gaps and capping the entire attic floor.

Keeping you comfortable and
Pest Free.

TAP Blown in Attic Insulation

Made from all-natural ingredients mixed with recycled newsprint, TAP Pest Control Insulation remains a patented product that doubles as a pest control material and an excellent insulator for the home. With the ability to help homeowners keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the unique material works like regular insulation but with the added bonus of eliminating pests. By using borates, or mineral salts, TAP helps prevent invasive insects from entering the home. In addition, TAP helps reduce outside noise to create a serene setting inside the home.

TAP Pest Control Insulation acts as a permanent product in the home, utilizes environmentally friendly materials, and saves both energy and money over time. By employing natural components and recycled material, TAP remains an effective and green product, conserving landfill space while protecting the home. The blow-in attic insulation forms a perfect fit when used, ensuring no gaps and covering the entire attic floor. With complete floor coverage, TAP blocks heat transfer due to convection, radiation, and conduction. Not just an insulation, the system also controls invading insects. Unable to build up a tolerance to the materials used in TAP, insects such as ants, cockroaches, and silverfish remain effectively eliminated. Remaining more efficient than traditional insulation, such as that made of cellulose, the added benefits of better acoustics and pest elimination help trump other products. TAP is the only pest control product on the market with an Energy Star Rating.

TAP Insulation
Frequently Asked Questions

What does TAP stand for?

Thermal, Acoustical, Pest Control Insulation.

What is TAP made from?

TAP is made of more than 80% recycled paper. The insulation also has added natural borates that provide pest control.

How does TAP kill pests?

Specially added boric acid clings to insects that come in contact with the insulation. Later, when the pests groom themselves or each other, they ingest the pest control materials, which disrupts their metabolism and kills them. Boric acid poses no threat to humans or pets and is widely used in domestic products, such as detergents and contact lens solution.

Does TAP lose its effectiveness against insects after a while?

No. The insect-controlling capabilities of TAP never diminish. The borates infused in TAP do not wear off, and pests never build up tolerance to the pest control materials. TAP insulation will help control pests as long as it is in the home.

Who can install TAP in my home?

Due to the pest controlling abilities of TAP, the federal government authorizes only licensed pest management professionals to install the insulation. These experienced, well-trained TAP installers apply the special insulation to the attic quickly and efficiently and can fill voids that batt insulation cannot.

How do they install TAP?

TAP is blown into the attic by trained installers with a specialized machine.

Is TAP a potential fire hazard?

No. TAP does not ignite or even smolder. In fact, the pest-controlling borates in TAP insulation also serve as a fire-retardant. When reacting to fire, the material forms a char-like barrier, which can limit the spread of fire. In contrast, fiberglass insulation melts and may allow the fire to penetrate walls and wooden framing.

Is TAP environmentally friendly?

Made of over 80% recycled newspaper, TAP is an extremely environmentally friendly insulation source. Newsprint makes up a sizeable portion of household waste, and TAP not only repurposes the otherwise useless material, but also frees up space in landfills.

What are the financial benefits of installing TAP?

TAP is dense and allows less air movement, which means the ideal air stays in the home. As a result, TAP reduces a home’s heating and cooling costs by about 20% to 30%. Additionally, TAP insulation reduces reliance on heating and cooling systems, which prolongs the life of the equipment and gives homeowners even greater savings in the long run.

How much does TAP cost?

Factors like market, location, and size of home affect the cost of installing TAP. TAP is ideal for homeowners who want to invest in quality materials for their homes. In time, the energy-saving benefit alone recoups TAP’s cost.

Where is TAP offered?

Because of its pest-controlling properties, TAP is strictly available through licensed pest management professionals such a HomeTeam Pest Defense. TAP is currently available at HomeTeam’s Charles Town, WV and Winston-Salem, NC locations.

How long does it take to add TAP insulation to an existing home?

Generally, installing TAP in an existing home takes four to six hours. The size of the home affects the time it takes to install the insulation.

If my attic already has insulation, do I need TAP insulation?

Basic insulation lacks the temperature-regulating efficiency and pest-controlling capabilities TAP offers. Additionally, most homes are currently under-insulated, which hikes up heating and cooling bills to unnecessarily high levels. TAP makes the home more energy efficient while controlling insect pests that try to invade the structure.

Does TAP have a strange odor?

TAP is odorless, and the borates even help to absorb other odors.

Doesn’t all insulation with cellulose control pests?

No. Although most cellulous insulation contains some form of boric acid or borates, not all cellulose insulation can control pests. Some insulations strictly use borates for fungi resistance and fire-retardant capabilities, and the formulas used may not be adjusted to kill insects.

Should I remove my current insulation before installing TAP?

Since TAP is blown in and can custom-fit any cavity, the insulation can easily be applied on top of existing insulation.

Does TAP also kill rodents, like mice, rats, and squirrels?

No. TAP cannot kill rodents. The pest-controlling properties of boric acid only affect insects. This means that unwanted rodents and small pets alike are unharmed by boric acid.

Does TAP kill insects or just repel them?

The boric acid in TAP kills invading insects that come into contact with the insulation. Crawling insects like ants, cockroaches, and other household pests are controlled by TAP. Insects cannot avoid boric acid because they cannot detect it, so TAP has no repelling capabilities.

A contractor told me his cheaper insulation works just the same as TAP. Should I believe him?

No. Unless the contractor is a licensed pest control specialist, he cannot install TAP or any insulation that can kill pests. If he claims his insulation can kill insects, ask to see an EPA label. Only scientifically tested products with EPA labels can legally claim pest-controlling abilities.

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Tap Insulation for Pest Control

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