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Despite the circumstances of the pandemic, it’s been a lucrative time for the housing industry. Recently, we’ve seen an uptick in new home construction as it struggles to keep up with sales. According to Robert Dietz, chief economist of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), “The decline, rebound, and growth of home construction in 2020 has been dramatic. After a significant decline in the spring, homebuilding has seen notable gains supported by historically low interest rates, favorable demographics, an evolving geography of housing demand, and a significant inventory deficit.”

It’s not just new home construction that’s experiencing an increase – home buying is as well. “Surging sales are consistent with record builder confidence levels stemming from higher buyer traffic, historically low interest rates, and a shift in demand for lower-density markets,” said NAHB Chairman Chuck Fowke.

Taexx built-in pest control service
Taexx inside the walls of your home.

Now more than ever, people are looking for the best resources and technology to include in their dream home. When you think of pest control companies and homebuilding, the two topics usually aren’t connected. Here at HomeTeam, we seamlessly merge them to provide homeowners with Taexx®, the integrated home system that creates a virtual barrier of protection against common household pests.

Whether you are building a new home or in the market for buying one, Taexx can provide you with convenient, built-in home pest control in the form of an integrated system. In fact, our 2022 survey+ revealed that 64% of homeowners are interested in a built-in pest control solution.

Inside the walls of more than 1.5 million homes and installed by more than 1,000 homebuilder partners across the nation, Taexx is quickly becoming a sought-after product for home pest defense. Third-party research found that 92% of Taexx customers believe that homebuilders are providing them with a unique pest control system, and 88% view it as advanced technology.

The system consists of a network of small, perforated tubes that run behind designated walls in your home and act as a virtual barrier. Because it is in the walls, Taexx minimizes exposure to pest control materials in common living spaces, and the materials last longer because they are not exposed to sunlight. Skilled technicians use the external hub to service the Taexx system, which means that they don’t need access the indoors – an ideal feature as contactless options are becoming more popular. Even better, Taexx service is backed by HomeTeam’s 100% service guarantee.

home pest defense
External service hub

Your pest control needs are determined by climate, season, and other factors. We combine our nationwide expertise with in-depth local knowledge to create an efficient solution that works specifically for you and your home.

Taexx can only be installed during home construction, so be sure to check with your builder and ask if they partner with HomeTeam. You may already have Taexx installed – check your home’s exterior for a mounted port box, or call us to be sure.

Taexx protects your family by eliminating insects at the source. Learn more about Taexx or our pest control service today by visiting https://pestdefense.com/taexx or calling 855-855-4873.

+Survey of national homeowners by HomeTeam Pest Defense, 2022.

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