Spring is on the way and so are termite swarms



Flowers are blooming. Trees are growing. All of the signs show that Spring is coming. With warmer weather, most insects start foraging for food and searching for shelters more actively. Termites, one of the most common springtime pests, are no exception. These notorious destroyers are neither found nor terminated easily. Gaining knowledge of their life cycle will allow homeowners to become more familiar with signs of their presence.

Swarms 101

Swarms are usually the first sign of a termite infestation. In the springtime, the young adult male and female swarmers crop up in large groups and start selecting new locations to build their colonies. Mating partners break off their wings to symbolize they are a couple. If you find piles of small insect wings near your windows, doors, light fixtures, or in spider webs… there is a good chance that a swarm of termites was near and a termite colony may be nesting in your home.

Swarms are often outwardly visible in the Spring, but it is unwise to assume termites are only springtime problems. Some termite species work and eat all year long!

Others Signs

Mud tubes, damaged wood, and even cracked/peeling paint can be signs of a termite infestation.

Since most termite species are unable to crawl on the open ground, they build mud tubes and use these tunnels to travel from their homes in the soil to feed on the wood in your home. These tubes are usually brown and the width of a pencil. They are made of soil and partially digested plant material stuck together. Mud tubes run along concrete, drywall, or any other type of surface that extends upward.

Termites feed on soft wood. They typically hollow out the underlying wood and leave painted surfaces intact, so damaged wood is a less noticeable sign of a termite infestation. Since light and dry air can be harmful to most termite species, they need moisture for protection. Thus the appearance of cracked/peeling paint caused by moisture build up is another sign of a termite infestation. Of course,  cracked or peeling paint is not always an indicator of an infestation, but it’s a good idea to be alarmed if you notice this happening.

If you have noticed any of the above signs, call a HomeTeam professional at 855-855-4873 for help. For more information about how to prevent a termite infestation, please visit htpd.wpengine.com.



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