Signs of Home Damage Caused by Pests


Signs of Home Damage Cuased by Pests 300x219 Signs of Home Damage Caused by Pests

Signs of Home Damage Cuased by Pests

Have you ever spotted a small mound of sawdust sitting beneath an electrical outlet?  Heard a suspicious scratching inside the walls?  Found unusual pencil-shaped mud tunnels climbing up from the foundation of your home?   These are all signs that you may have some uninvited guests slowly causing damage to your home.  There’s a reason they are called pests and it may be time to call in professional pest control for your home.

Signs of Trouble

The sawdust you found could be a sign of carpenter ants.  Think ants on steroids – they can be over ¼” long!  They tunnel through the wood of your home and hollow out nests.  They are especially fond of damp wood.  To rid your home of these pests you will need to call in a pest control professional to find the nest and kill the queen.

The suspicious sound in the attic may also be accompanied by tell-tale signs of droppings.  Chances are you may have rodents.  They take great pleasure in making a home in your home and starting their own family.  Sealing holes and cracks in the walls and under cabinets may help, but a rat can squeeze into a hole the size of a quarter and a mouse can get through a hole about the size of a dime. Keep countertops clear of open food, don’t leave your pet’s bowl inside and trim tree branches away from house and roof.

Those unusual pencil-shaped mud tunnels are a sign of subterranean termite activity.  When they swarm, they resemble ants with wings.  But where ants have one smaller set in the front and a larger set in back, all the termite’s wings are the same size.  Colonies are usually located in hard to reach areas where moisture collects, for instance, under concrete or in basements or crawlspaces.  You will need to call a pest control professional to help identify the source and recommend treatment.

Leave it to the Professionals

Make it a habit to inspect your home in the spring and fall for evidence of unwanted pests. Look in basements, crawlspaces, along the foundation, and at all exterior of your home. If you discover evidence of insect damage, you may require pest control for your home. Before you attempt to seal holes or treat wood by yourself, speak with a quality professional. After all, the integrity of your home’s structure and its resale value could be at stake.

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