Prevent Garden Bugs from Becoming Household Pests


prevent garden bugs 199x300 Prevent Garden Bugs from Becoming Household PestsMany garden bugs pose no problem at all, as long as they stay outside, but you want to prevent garden bugs from entering your home and becoming annoying indoor pests. To control insects in your yard and landscape, you must know what kind of bugs you’re dealing with, what plants they favor and what time of year to expect them. Learning to identify which insects to be wary of and which to welcome is part of the gardening process. Here are some tips to prevent garden pests from coming indoors, particularly the ladybug.

Ladybugs, or lady beetles, are common garden insects that are quite helpful in the yard. Most gardeners know that ladybugs are voracious aphid eaters. What many don’t know is that when the weather changes, these critters like to camp out on the sunny southern wall of your home. Ladybugs like light-colored surfaces in particular, so if your house is painted a light or bright color, you’re more likely to have a ladybug problem. The real issue, though, is the need to prevent garden bugs from getting inside.

Ladybugs commonly enter through small cracks around windows and doors, so the best way to prevent garden bugs from entering your home is to seal all exterior cracks and repair broken screens and windows. Even with these efforts, you may still run across a few rogue ladybugs that have made it inside. To easily get rid of them, use the vacuum cleaner; but be sure to replace the interior bag or empty the canister right away.

An exterior application of pest control material from a pest management service may also be useful to prevent garden bugs from making their way in. Trust a trained HomeTeam professional to apply the pest control material around your home so it stays pest-free this season.

For more information about HomeTeam’s pest management service, please visit our website,, or call one of our professionals at 855-855-4873. We also invite you to join us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for additional tips to prevent garden pests and other ideas for pest control for the home.

It starts with our personalized
Inspecting your home’s exterior to identify potential pest problems
Removing cobwebs and wasps nests within reach
Injecting the Taexx® built-in pest control system (if installed in your home) or providing conventional pest control applications
Treating entry points such as doors and windows.
Applying pest control materials around the perimeter of your home
Providing a detailed service report and preventive tips to keep your home pest-free between scheduled treatments

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