Pest exterminator stories 274x300 Pest Exterminator StoriesWhen you have a cockroach infestation, rodent problem, or termite invasion on your hands, a pest exterminator could quickly become your hero. However, technicians working for pest management services are more than just exterminators. At HomeTeam Pest Defense, we have plenty of pest exterminator stories that exemplify the amazing character of our employees. These stories are factual, but for the privacy of HomeTeam Pest Defense employees and customers, the names have been changed.

Timely Actions

One afternoon, Adam was returning to the HomeTeam Pest Defense office when he came upon an accident. He discovered a man bleeding from a head injury and losing consciousness. Adam talked to the man to keep him awake and held his head gently to prevent his injuries from worsening until an ambulance arrived. Adam’s timely actions and paramedic training helped him handle the situation calmly and professionally.

Roadside Compassion

Mrs. Thomas was on her way to a tennis match when her tire went flat. Two men pulled over on the premise of helping her. However, while one man accompanied Mrs. Thomas to the trunk, the other attempted to rob the vehicle of her belongings. When the men couldn’t find anything of value in the car, they attacked Mrs. Thomas and shoved her into the trunk of her car. Thanks to a safety latch on the inside, she was able to break free of her temporary prison once the men had driven off.

Mrs. Thomas attempted to flag down several cars until, finally, a HomeTeam pest exterminator, Rob, pulled up next to Mrs. Thomas and rolled down his window. Rob could see she was shaken so he stayed in his car to keep from frightening her further. Upon Mrs. Thomas’ request, Rob called the police and stayed at the scene until Mrs. Thomas felt safe.

Selfless Bravery

Dave was driving his route when he noticed a sudden cloud of dust just around a corner. He quickly realized that a vehicle had rounded the corner too quickly, drove off the road, and flipped over. He pulled over and saw a convertible on the side of the embankment. Dave and another helpful citizen held the car in place for about 45 minutes to keep it from falling down the embankment until an emergency crew arrived and safely stabilized it. The crew then used the Jaws of Life to extricate the driver while Dave stayed near and comforted the frightened driver. When the scene was over, Dave went on to complete his route for the day.

Alert Hero

Ben was performing pest management services at a customer’s home when he heard a commotion across the street. A man working with a chainsaw on a 16-foot ladder was knocked to the ground when a limb snapped. Ben immediately dashed over to find the man unconscious and the chainsaw still running. Ben turned off the chain saw, called 911, and stayed by the man’s side until an emergency crew arrived and transported him to the hospital.

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