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Oh those office pests…and we don’t mean the guy in the next cubical!  Whether your office is located on the 1st or 31st floor, pests can find their way inside.  How and why are they there?

Most pests are looking for food, water and shelter.  Some may enter through cracks, holes, elevator shafts, open doors, but surprisingly the majority of them are brought in by you and your fellow co-workers!

  • Fruit flies feed on ripe fruits and sugary liquids.  Do not leave fruit lying around in the break room or on your desk.  Keep refrigerated.
  • Fungus gnats can be found in overwatered plants.  They can be found hiding under the decorator moss.  Do not let water accumulate in the planter and check the moss frequently, if it remains damp, it may need to be thrown out.
  • Pantry pests, such as, moths, weevils and beetles lay eggs in crackers, cereal and nuts.  Snacks left uneaten for an extended period can produce insects which can spread through the office.  Pay close attention to expiration dates on the packages and make sure they are always kept in sealed packages or containers.
  • Ants and roaches come inside to find food or water.  Cleanliness is very important in preventing the spread of these pests.  Do not leave spills on counters, dirty dishes in the sink and be sure to seal or refrigerate all food.  Make sure garbage is taken out daily.
  • Beetles, moths and worms can be innocent hitchhikers brought in on flower arrangements and garden bouquets.  A quick check and shake of the arrangement before displaying on your desk can easily dislodge the pests so they can be eliminated.

If your office has a pest issue, contact the management company to handle the problem.  Do not bring pesticides from home since they could cause health issues for your co-workers.  Following these simple steps can help keep your office pest-free…well except for that ONE guy!

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