Occasional Home Invaders: Stink Bugs


StinkBug 300x300 Occasional Home Invaders: Stink Bugs
Stink bugs are a seasonal pest and are most bothersome from late May to mid-October.  The bug spends the majority of the summer eating and laying eggs.  Because the stink bug can live over a year, when autumn nights begin to cool, this nuisance will begin to look for warmer shelter.  Unfortunately for homeowners, this insect’s attempt to brave the winter in homes can lead to some awkward personal encounters.

Although the stink bug will rarely cause physical harm to people, they tend to make loud noises as they fly when trapped inside.  When confronted by stink bugs, most homeowners will immediately reach for the closest blunt object to rid their home of the pest.  Unlike other pests controlled by the swift flick of a swatter or the careful stomp of the shoe, stink bugs have the unfortunate ability to cause disgust postmortem.  The stink bug releases offensive scents from glands on its underside when crushed or threatened.  After cleaning up the mess with one hand and holding their nose with the other, homeowners look for some unconventional ways to exterminate the problem.

1.      Asking politely: Despite pleas to leave and incentives to visit the neighbor’s house, stink bugs will not leave a warm dwelling no matter how nice your neighbor says his home is.

2.      Screaming: Although this is one of the more common reactions to the bug, screaming has yet to be linked to the eradication of stink bugs.

3.      Cohabitation: Not a popular option, but now the dog has someone to blame it on too!

4.      Vacuum Sweeper: A popular tool used to get rid of the bug and its smell – provided you have a spouse or child to change the bags.

5.      Seal any cracks on the outside of your home.  One of the most sensible and effective options.  A tube of caulk can go a long way in defending your home from these pesky invaders.  Unfortunately for many homeowners, by the time they know caulking is an option, it may be too late.

6.      Chemical Repellents: The best time to use pest control materials is in the fall before the stink bugs try to migrate into your home.  Because stink bugs have a hard outer shell, a few chemicals may be required to efficiently eradicate the swarm.  Specific spraying strategies will need to be utilized in order to ensure complete protection.

7.      Professional:  If you’re under a total stink bug infestation, too busy, too scared, or too disgusted to deal with the pests yourself, calling a pest control professional will be the smartest option to control the current problem and prevent other pests from entering your home.

Don’t let your home become a haven for stink bugs.  Even a few found flying around the house could be cause for alarm.  At the first signs of infestation, take the appropriate steps.  Contact HomeTeam for more information.

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