No Room for Rodents – Tips to Keep Rodents Out


No Room for Rodents 300x208 No Room for Rodents – Tips to Keeps Rodents OutRats and mice are looking for a cozy place to call home in anticipation of the colder months ahead. Don’t let them find a perfect hideaway inside your home. Natural food sources such as seeds, fruits and insects are scarce during cold months, so they’re scrounging for food as well.

The typical rats and mice homeowners need to worry about are the house mouse, roof rat (aka black rat) and Norway rate. Each has its own characteristics, but share much in common. They all want a place to nest, food to eat and water to drink.

Gray or dark in color, mice are usually less than two inches in length and weigh about an ounce. Mice are versatile and can fit in very small places, gaining access around cable lines, holes and even vents.

Rats are much bigger, gray, brown or black in color, and are 10-16 inches in length. Rodents are excellent climbers and only need a very small external opening to get inside homes and other buildings. Your garage is easily accessible through the small space between the garage door and the floor.

Controlling rodents today means fewer will be around to reproduce next spring. By eliminating the food, water and shelter they need to thrive, you can control potential rodent problems around your home.

  • Store garbage in metal or heavy-duty plastic containers with tight lids.
  • Clean up weeds around shrubbery to reduce shelter areas.
  • Inspect your home for holes and cracks – easy access for rodents to gain entrance. Plug entry points with wire mesh.
  • Remove food from counters and store cupboard staples in heavy plastic or glass containers.
  • Store pet food in heavy-duty plastics tubs. Do not leave bag sitting on the garage floor even if unopened.
  • Remove pet food and bowl as soon as it is eaten.
  • Do not allow fruits and vegetables to rot on the ground. This provides food for rodents.
  • Trim tree limbs approximately six feet away from your roof.

These are just a few ways of effectively protecting your home from rodents. A pest management professional can provide further information and even perform a rodent exclusion service.  For more information on rodents or other pests, please contact HomeTeam Pest Defense today.

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