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New Years Resolution A Pests View!


 New Year’s Resolution – A Pest’s View!What is a New Year’s resolution?  For many, it is a list of goals and aspirations to improve our lives for the coming year!   Typical resolutions vow weight loss, debt management and better eating but what if you were a household pest?  What would be your New Year’s resolution?

Reginald Roach – “Dedicated to live another million years!”

Annabelle Ant – “Increase my intake of pantry sweets – jellies, jams and sugar, oh my!”

Sonny Scorpion – “Move into a high-class linen closet!”

Norma Rae Mouse – “Plan to start a rodent union and lead an infestation!”

Spencer Spider – “Increase my web output – lookout Spiderman!”

Katrina Cricket – “Learn to play another annoying song on my back legs!”

Bernie Bed Bug – “Find me a new mattress!”

Ivan Termite – “Invade the neighborhood!”

Don’t let household pests ruin your new year.  Call HomeTeam Pest Defense at 855-855-4873 or visit us at for more information on our pest management and termite services.  Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn for additional tips.

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