New Years Resolution

According to a recent Finder survey, an estimated 164 million American adults will make a New Year’s resolution. After the whirlwind of 2020, many people are looking for stability and peace of mind. That’s why one of the goals at the top of our list is cleaning and getting organized. Think of it as spring cleaning – only in January. Tidy up the places you don’t normally clean, such as your refrigerator, garage, attic, or closet. The following tips will help with tidying up and also aid in home pest control. By taking care of these simple tasks, you can reduce the risk of a pest infestation, which is a whole lot of trouble that you can help avoid.

  • Set goals. Start by planning what you want to accomplish: organizing, cleaning, decluttering, and so on. Set reasonable goals with achievable deadlines.
  • Declutter. It’s a great time to go through your possessions and identify what you actually need and what you can get rid of. Go through rooms in small sections, working your way through the house. Donate what you can and throw away items you’re ready to part with. This can also be a huge de-stressor – and who isn’t looking for less stress in 2021!?
  • Take out the trash. Many people forget that the trash receptacles themselves must be cleaned. Remember to clean out your bins every few weeks to prevent pests and yucky smells. It may seem fairly obvious, but taking out the trash regularly is not just necessary for keeping your home looking and smelling clean; it also helps prevent pests such as rodents and cockroaches. Additionally, make sure to keep your trash can lids tightly sealed.
  • Put away and store food properly. Those holiday leftovers will last much longer (and deter pests) if you keep them in sealed containers, preferably in your refrigerator or freezer. Store pet food bowls off the ground, and make sure that there isn’t food left behind in them.
  • Store decor in plastic bins off the floor. As you’re packing away your holiday decorations, store them in plastic bins and keep them off the floor when possible. Cardboard boxes are a favorite hiding spot for rodents, especially in areas of the house that don’t get as much activity (attics, garages, closets).
  • Yard management. Keep your yard and branches trimmed, and clear debris away from your house. This a great way to spruce up the outside, and offers less places for pests to inhabit. Furthermore, removing branches in the winter that can fall when heavy avoids a potential safety issue.
  • Resolve to keep it clean. Keep your home tidy, especially the kitchen. Make sure to wipe away all crumbs, spills, and food scraps, as they can attract a variety of intruders. Even something as small as a splash from a boiling pot or a leftover pizza box can serve as lunch for unwanted creatures.

Another way to live 2021 a little healthier is with Taexx, HomeTeam’s networked home pest control system. It creates a virtual barrier against pests. Because Taexx is in the walls of your home, it minimizes exposure to pest control materials in common living spaces by keeping them away from your family members and pets. Taexx is backed by our 100% service guarantee, and is serviced by skilled technicians using the external service hub on the outside of your home – service is contactless! The Taexx system is installed in more than 1 million homes in the U.S., and is a top-choice product among some of the nation’s largest homebuilding companies for pest control. To see how the Taexx system works, check out our new video (hyperlink to animated video). You may have Taexx installed in your home and not even know. To find out, look for the hub on your home’s exterior, visit our website, or call 877-461-7378.

For more information about our pest control service, or if you need help with a pest problem, visit us at or call 855-855-4873.


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