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National Pet Month: What pet lovers need to know about preventing fleas and ticks


May is National Pet Month and what better way to celebrate than making sure Fido and Fluffy are protected? According to a national survey from HomeTeam Pest Defense, 70 percent of homeowners own a pet, 53 percent of pet owners have had problems with fleas and 26 percent have had problems with ticks. Due to recent warm weather and rains, these pests (and many others) will be out in full force this month. Here are some tips from the experts at HomeTeam to help control fleas and ticks your house and yard:

  • FLEAS can carry harmful bacterial parasites and tapeworms. Flea eggs are microscopic and can take three to six months to hatch.
    • Frequently wash pet bedding in warm water and dry on high heat.
    • Vacuum to remove flea larvae and eggs from carpets. Be sure to clean under furniture and along walls, and discard your vacuum bags.
    • Regularly bathe and brush dogs.
    • Fleas can be found in tall grasses, so keep your yard regularly mowed and maintained.
    • If you suspect you have a flea infestation, or are unable to eliminate them from your home and yard, consult your pest control professional.

    • Your pest control company should have a preparation list.
    • You will need a plan to keep your pets and family out of the areas treated until dry. This is usually less than two hours.
    • Remember to cover fish tanks and bowls.
  • TICKS, like fleas, can also carry harmful diseases such as Lyme disease, bacterial parasites and tapeworms.
    • Regularly bathe and brush dogs.
    • Ticks love long grasses, leaf piles and wooded areas, so keep your yard regularly mowed and maintained.
    • During the peak tick season (generally April through September), limit your dog’s exposure to known tick-infested areas.
    • If your pet spends time outside, examine your dog for ticks on a daily basis. If you suspect he has been romping in a tick-infested area, examine him for ticks immediately. Be sure to check inside and behind his ears and around his eyes, all favorite tick hiding places.

For more information about controlling fleas and ticks in your home and yard, we’re happy to help. Fido and Fluffy will thank you for it! Visit us at for branch locations near you.

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