Integrated Pest Management – An Option in Pest Management Services


Integrated pest management Integrated Pest Management – An Option in Pest Management ServicesInsects and other pests started making their appearance earlier this year than usual. Do you know your options in regard to pest management services?

Have you heard of integrated pest management? In acknowledgement of Earth Day and Arbor Day this month, HomeTeam Pest Defense is sharing information on a type of pest management service called integrated pest management (IPM); this is certainly the time of year to learn about different types of pest management services options. Integrated pest management provides pest control for home by using a targeted systematic approach to reduce and exterminate pests. It includes an ecological approach, focusing on the life cycle of pests and their environmental interaction by reducing pest control chemicals and, in some cases, using none at all.

HomeTeam Pest Defense performs a 6-part IPM process. These steps include:

  • Inspecting and Monitoring: Seek out the actual pest, damage, or evidence such as fire ant mounds, rodent gnaw marks, termite wings, natural enemies, and environmental conditions.
  • Identifying: Not every insect is a pest. What type of pest is it? Is it bothering you? What kind of damage, if any, does it cause? For instance, in the case of honeybees, are they pollinating your flowers or building a bee hive?
  • Preventing: The best type of pest control is the kind that never has to happen.  By managing the environment, professionals can help prevent pests from appearing in the first place. Trimming bushes or trees away from the house and sealing soffit vents, gaps in doors, and windows are examples of prevention.
  • Predicting: By using their knowledge of identification and biology to determine whether or not populations will increase or decrease with time, HomeTeam professionals will evaluate the right type of control that offers the least amount of environmental impact or risk. Is it a temporary seasonal insect such, as crane flies or June bugs that don’t need any “control” because they’ll go away in time.
  • Deciding: Technicians will determine and recommend what type of control tools should be used to control the pest(s). It might be mouse traps, altering environmental conditions by removing standing water or reducing mulch bed, or sanitation controls that might involve moving garbage cans away from doorways.
  • Evaluating:  Over time, the technician and the homeowner should evaluate if the IPM approach has worked, continually monitoring and conducting follow-up inspections.

Integrated pest management can provide long-term protection against pests if done correctly and consistently. Homeowners need to be ever-so-mindful of their surrounding environment and how their activities, such as gardening, mowing, and mulch and wood storage impacts pests and their life cycles.

If you find evidence of potential pest infestations or would like to protect against them in the first place, contact a professional like HomeTeam Pest Defense to learn about your pest management options. You can also visit our website to find out more about our pest management services or call us at 855-855-4873.  We invite you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for additional tips regarding pest control for home.

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