HomeTeam Pest Defense Increases Social Connections with Home and Business Owners Across the Country


Dallas, TX – Jan. 24, 2011 – HomeTeam Pest Defense, a residential, builder and commercial pest control company based in Dallas, TX, is expanding its online presence through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a new blog.

HomeTeam Pest Defense is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and the best in quality when it comes to insect control and termite protection for homeowners, business owners and homebuilders. The ability to build connections and strengthen relationships is extremely important to HomeTeam.

“We are very excited to develop a social media community and build better relationships with our customers and potential customers online,” said Kathy Zielinski, vice president of marketing. “We hope that our efforts online will result in a strong community of people who love our pest and termite solutions.”

HomeTeam is committed to increasing the communication among all homeowners and builders including dedicated social media efforts. These efforts include participating in the conversations with customers, prospects and enthusiasts in the industry about current online topics.

About HomeTeam Pest Defense

HomeTeam Pest Defense, a recognized leader in the pest management industry, is currently the nation’s third largest residential pest control company. The company offers pest and termite control services with traditional treatment methods and with advanced products such as the innovative Taexx® built-in pest control system. The company has more than 50 branch locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Mid-Central, Southwest and Western states. HomeTeam is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlanta-based Rollins, Inc (NYSE:ROL). Find out more about HomeTeam at www.pestdefense.com or Rollins, Inc. at www.rollins.com.

Client Contact Info:
Name: Kathy Zielinski
Email: kzielinski@pestdefense.com
Phone Number: 214-665-8735

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