Hobby Month: Creative Ways to Allow Bugs in the Home


Hobby Month 300x221 Hobby Month: Creative Ways to Allow Bugs in the Home

bugs in the home

When is it acceptable to have bugs in the home?  January is National Hobby Month, a perfect time to start a new hobby!  You might cringe at the idea of allowing small bugs in your home, but many hobbies involve bugs and bring their beauty inside. If you’re raring to go, give these bug-related hobbies a chance.

Bug Collecting

This hobby creatively allows bugs in the home and is particularly good for children. They can make this hobby a science project by trapping insects temporarily for observation or by pinning and preserving the insects they catch for an awesome display of brightly colored wings and glistening eyes.

Supplies needed include a net, a glass observation container, a magnifying glass and a guide book to help you identify your catch. If you plan to keep the trapped insects, you’ll need a termination jar along with a display board and pins to display insects.


Insect photography is a very fascinating hobby, and you can perform it outside without allowing bugs in the home.   Insects are perfect subjects because they can be found everywhere. To get the great shots you want will take time, patience and the right equipment.  Invest in a camera with an exceptional zoom or get up close and personal, snapping photos using the macro setting.  Once printed, display the photos in your home.

Painting and Sculpting

Take the photography and bug-catching hobbies one step further by turning snapshots into paintings and pinned specimens into sculptures! Transform these bugs in the home into beautiful works of art.

To start a bug-painting hobby, select your favorite specimen.  You will need a variety of paints, brushes, a painter’s pallet, it can be paper or canvas, and a room with great lighting.  Get creative!

Sculpting offers a wide variety of options for hobbyists of all ages. There are many different materials used in the creation of sculpture including clay, plastic, wood, copper, metal and stone.  Depending on the medium you choose, you might require carving tools, a torch, paint or glaze, and access to a kiln to fire your creations when complete.  You can begin small with accent pieces or jewelry and work your way up to the full size sculpture of your favorite insect.


If you’re ready to get down and dirty, start a flourishing outdoor vegetable or flower garden. You’ll need gardening tools, fertilizer, seeds, and the right place to plant your vegetables or flowers where they are bound to flourish. With a garden will come some unwanted pests but before taking pest control measures, consider that beetles, spiders, worms, flies, bees and other insects are busily helping your garden grow.

If you feel happier indoors, nurture thriving houseplants. To soften indoor decor with potted plants, you’ll need seeds, soil, pots, and a sunny place to keep your houseplants. Protect them from house insects by taking them outside and gently rinse and wipe the plant. This is the best way to remove a number of leaf-dwelling house bugs.

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