Harsh Winter Still Won’t Keep Bugs Away This Spring


April showers bring May flowers but it also marks the beginning of high pest activity. Spring’s warmer weather and early rains are bringing out termites, scorpions, ants and mosquitoes.

Did colder conditions this winter kill off most pests?

The cold weather this winter may not have killed off as many pests as desired. Bugs have incredible mechanisms to survive cold, wintry conditions and winters with snow and ice do not guarantee that bugs will die off. While some insects migrate to warmer climates, others huddle together for warmth in trees, burrow deep into the ground for protection, or go dormant as larvae and cocoons. Blankets of snow can actually end up serving as insulation. Several pests crawl underground to the cozy confines and warmth under the snow. The weather conditions that insects dread the most are alternating freezing and thawing, with little to no snow cover to keep them warm.

How should homeowners prepare for the return of pests this spring?

Spring is an important time for homeowners to pest-proof their homes in preparation for the warmer months ahead. Help keep bugs out by following these tips from HomeTeam Pest Defense:

  • Eliminate water sources. All pests look for a source of water. Fix dripping taps and leaking pipes to remove the water and humidity that pests need to survive.
  • Seal potential entry points. Pests such as ants and spiders find their way indoors through cracks and crevices around doors, walls and windows.
  • Replace standard outdoor lights with yellow bug lights. Minimizing lighting outside your home may reduce the overall number of pests that swarm around your home.
  • Check for spider webs. Discourage web building by vacuuming or sweeping in corners around your home. Make sure to double check hard to reach nooks inside and outside your home as well!
  • Cut back tree branches and bushes to keep pests away from the side of your house and roof. There should be at least a one-foot gap between vegetation and your house.

If you suspect you have an insect or pest infestation, don’t hesitate to call our professionals to examine the interior and exterior of your home. For more information, please visit our website, pestdefense.com, or call us at 855-855-4873. We also invite you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for additional tips and pest control ideas.

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