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Oh that unmistakable sound… a cricket is hiding somewhere! In ancient China and Japan crickets were considered a symbol of good luck and respect. They were kept as pets, housed in golden cages, and revered for their beautiful melodies.

Crickets are interesting insects:
  • Their ears are located on the knees of their front legs
  • They can see different directions at the same time
  • Female crickets do not chirp
  • You can predict the temperature by counting chirps – number of chirps in 15 seconds + 37 = temperature in Fahrenheit
  • They have a life span of less than a year

Today crickets can be more a source of nuisance than enjoyment. They spend their days in shallow burrows beneath stones, under clods of dirt and logs or in the tuft of plants. They are most active at night and the male crickets chirp can be extremely loud. Air temperature influences chirping rates; the warmer the night, the faster they chirp. They feed on just about anything including plants, dead insects, seeds, leather, paper and are especially fond of wool and silk. They can create an immense amount of damage in a very short time.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Crickets

Are crickets harmful?

Many types of crickets may cause damage to paper or fabrics when large numbers of them are present. Clothing stained with food or perspiration is especially subject to attack.

What do crickets eat?

The house and field crickets usually feed on plants.



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