’Tis the season for hot cocoa, stockings, brightly wrapped packages, and—Christmas tree bugs? If you bring home living Christmas trees, you could easily bring unwanted guests home for the holidays. That’s why we want to share ways to identify, check for, and avoid bugs in your Christmas tree decorations this year.

Identify Christmas Tree Bugs

Christmas Tree Bugs

Christmas Tree Bugs

Examples of bugs common to coniferous trees include:

  • Bagworms
  • Mites
  • Aphids
  • Bark beetles
  • Praying mantises
  • Spiders


Check for Christmas Tree Bugs

Before you ever leave the tree farm or lot, take a close look at the tree you’ve chosen. You might not be able to spot bugs in the Christmas tree, but you might come across incriminating evidence, such as nests, webs, empty egg casings and other signs that indicate bugs might infest that tree.

Avoid Christmas Tree Bugs

Once you bring the tree home, give it a good shake before you take it inside the house. This can dislodge hidden insects and eggs. Also remove any bird nests you find, since these could contain mites.

It’s an undeniable fact that bugs live in trees. Therefore, you don’t want to end up sharing the holidays with a few Christmas tree insects, as some might even stay in the tree until you toss it to the curb in January. This is most likely if you keep your Christmas tree well watered and in good condition. If you neglect the tree, insects may leave it in search of a better home—like yours!

Get Rid of Christmas Tree Bugs that Infiltrate Your Home

Even though a vast majority of tree bugs are harmless, you still don’t want them creeping and crawling all over your home this holiday season. If it’s too late and bugs have gotten into your home, whatever you do, don’t spray the Christmas tree with pesticides! Flammable aerosol spray and Christmas lights make for a potentially dangerous combination. Instead, simply vacuum up any dead bugs you find around the tree. After all, most tree bugs will not survive indoors with the improper humidity level and lack of food.

If you find Christmas tree bugs or other pests anywhere else in your home while decorating, call us at 855-855-4873 and let HomeTeam save the holiday. You can also enjoy other great tips and a healthy dose of holiday cheer on our social media sites. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube today!

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