More than 500,000 people are sent to emergency rooms each year due to stinging insects, according to the National Pest Management Association. Even worse, while you’re enjoying summer sunshine, wasps are especially active while foraging for food to sustain their queen during fall and winter months.

Wasps can be aggressive, especially when disturbed. Because of this, we do not recommend DIY wasp nest removal. Instead, contact a pest control professional at HomeTeam, and we’ll take care of the problem.

wasp problem
Wasp nest

When it comes to wasp control, knowing the facts and pest-proofing methods are a must. Here are our top tips to prevent wasps (and their stingers!):

  • Inspect your property thoroughly and frequently for signs of a wasp problem. Check common places such as garages or attics and under eaves and ceiling beams.
  • Wear shoes outdoors, especially in grassy areas.
  • Don’t leave food or drinks uncovered outside. Remember to clean up any crumbs or spills before heading back indoors!
  • Make sure your windows and doors are properly screened.
  • Tie garbage bags tightly and make sure the lids are completely closed on your garbage receptacles.
  • Regular yard maintenance also helps with wasp prevention: sweeping up leaves and debris, mowing your lawn, and trimming foliage away from the exterior of your home.
  • Skip the perfume. Stinging insects are attracted to sweet-smelling, floral scents.

For most people, a wasp sting only causes mild pain and discomfort; however, some are allergic to wasp venom. If you are stung and start to have a reaction such as extreme redness and swelling or difficulty breathing or swallowing, seek immediate medical attention.

To request a quote for our pest control service or if you have a wasp problem, go to or call 855-855-4873.

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