Are pests making a move on your new home?


 Are pests making a move on your new home?
As you watch your dream home take shape, chances are the last thing you are worrying about is dealing with unwanted pests invading your new space.  New construction often disrupts pests at the building site.  Grading the soil and prepping the foundation may destroy their nests or homes.  As you are moving in, be on the lookout for the following:

  • Rodents can be found almost everywhere outside where food is plentiful.  But when it becomes less available they will seek food and shelter elsewhere, sometimes in your home.  Mice are less than two inches in length and can squeeze through small spaces.  Rats are much bigger and are excellent climbers.   But they only need a small space, about the size of a quarter, to invade your home.
  • Ants come in many shapes and sizes and there are approximately 50 house-infesting species.  Carpenter ants can be found in moist wood and damp locations, such as your bathroom, or under insulation in the attic.  Argentine ants prefer sweet items in your pantry items, but will eat just about anything.  Odorous ants feed on insects, dead or alive, and also prefer sweets, but when crushed they smell anything but sweet!
  • Scorpions are the oldest relatives to arachnids.  They are commonly found in the southern states and desert regions.  Contrary to common belief, they do not nest, they burrow.  Digging in around these burrows can disrupt their habitat and cause movement.  Have you ever heard that scorpions travel in groups of three?  That is an “old wives tale”.  For the most part, they are individual movers that are looking for a tight, dark spot to inhabit, such as, under tree bark, rock crevices, woodpiles and stones.  Once in your home, they prefer “tight spots”, that is why they are often found in linen closets and hems of drapes.  An interesting fact, they glow under a black light due to protein located close to the surface of their skin.
  • Most spiders you find around the house are harmless, they have no venom or it is too weak to harm humans.  They can be helpful in catching other pests, however most people consider them unwanted creatures.  Some spiders, such as, the black widow or brown recluse can be extremely dangerous, so approach all arachnids with caution just to be sure.

Your best approach to making sure your home is pest-free at move-in time is to arrange for quality, professional pest control for your home.  Contact HomeTeam Pest Defense at 855-855-4873, or visit our website for additional information about our pest management services.  Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn for additional tips.

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