A Pack Rats Life National Pat Rack Day


Pack Rats Life 223x300 A Pack Rat’s Life – National Pat Rack DayNational Pack Rat Day is May 17, and though the day refers to human hoarders who don’t like to throw things away, HomeTeam Pest Defense would like to give you an insider’s look at a pack rat’s life—the animal, not the human hoarder—from the perspective of the pack rat. Once you know a little more about a pack rat’s life, our pest management services can provide you with tips to prevent pack rats on your property.

A Pack Rat’s Life

My large ears, big dark eyes and wormlike tail seem like the characteristics of a regular rat, but I’m a pack rat—also known as a woodrat—and I’m attracted to small, bright and shiny objects. My favorite things to collect are spoons, coins, broken glass and pieces of jewelry.

My favorite nesting places are built from twigs, branches, sticks and other debris.  It provides excellent protection for me, my mate and offspring; though I live alone after my children are old enough to fend for themselves. I am an excellent climber. I love hanging out in carports, garages and patio areas that have plenty of places to hide. Woodpiles are fun to play in, too, as are storage sheds. I’ll even invite myself inside your home if I find holes in ventilation screens or exhaust fan covers.

I’m most active at night when I scavenge for food which typically consists of grass, fruit, leaves, dry seeds, bark and fungi. Of course, I’ll help myself to human food if it’s around.

Tips from Pest Management Services

If you think your home is suited to support a pack rat’s life, make a few changes:

  • Clip tree branches away from the house.
  • Keep bushes and other low plants trimmed.
  • Thin out dense areas of vegetation.
  • Make sure ventilation screens and exhaust fan covers fit tightly and are in good condition.
  • Clean up carports, garages and patio areas so pack rats can’t hide there.
  • Store firewood off the ground and away from walls.

To learn more about a pack rat’s life, visit our website www.PestDefense.com, or call one of our professionals at 855-855-4873. We also invite you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn for additional tips regarding pest management services.

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