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Where to find your Account Number
  1. On the letter, above the address block, you received from HomeTeam Pest Defense, OR
  2. On the HomeTeam Warranty registration form you received during the closing of your home, OR
  3. Call 877-461-PEST. You will be directed to your local HomeTeam office we will look up the number for you, OR
  4. Use the address number of your house as your account number. For instance, if your address is 123 Main Street, input 123.



Vital Steps to keep protecting

Your Home From Termites

Register Your Termite Warranty+

When your home was built, your builder hired HomeTeam Pest Defense to perform a termite treatment for new construction.

Renew Termite Warranty at 1 year+

Your warranty becomes due for an annual renewal. This renewal includes a full termite inspection.

Continued Annual Renewals+

Continue your scheduled annual renewals to maintain your warranty and continued coverage.

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HomeTeam Pest Defense 1 Million Dollar Termite Warranty

*For new construction and qualifying existing homes. See warranty and service agreement for details.

+For new home construction and qualifying existing homes. See warranty and service agreement for details.

**Own a home that wasn’t pretreated by HomeTeam during construction? Learn more about our post-construction termite control service.


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With the renewal of your Termite Warranty
you know your home is well protected.

What is Taexx?

*Installation method is customized to construction types, and may vary.

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