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HomeTeam Testimonials

Getting to Know HomeTeam Pest Defense

We are very pleased with HomeTeam services. We have had nothing but a pleasant experience. All of the technicians that come to our home are polite, professional, and do an excellent job. Everyone I have spoken to on the phone has also been polite and professional. We would recommend HomeTeam services to anyone. Customer, Houston Branch
The work done by your technician was above and beyond. Customer, Austin Branch

Thorough, friendly service. Knowledgeable technicians who address concerns right away. Customer, Riverside Branch

We have used Home Team since our home was built in 2008, and have always been really pleased. The service representative is always friendly and professional. I'm happy to say we do not have any type of bug problem thanks to preventative maintenance/service. Customer, San Antonio Branch

Everyone is friendly and helpful. I love not having to worry about pests or when service is needed. Couldn't be more convenient. Customer, San Antonio Branch

Zero problems with pests both inside and out. Yearly pre-pay is a great money saver. Customer, Houston Branch

Reliable, always helpful with questions, and very service-oriented. Customer, Lakeland Branch

Service is reliable, consistent, and customer focused. Customer, Dallas Branch

Technicians do not need to enter my house, so I don't even need to be home to receive service. Always willing to help when I need it, and I receive prompt, courteous service. Thank you! Customer, W. Palm Beach Branch

Great response when I contacted them about my bill. Dependable service. We haven't had any pest problems in 10 years living here. We love the pest system that is built into our house and how easy it is to service it. Customer, Destin Branch

We have lived in our house for 18 years and have had your services since the first month we moved here and never had a bug problem. I would say that's the best experience anyone could possibly have. Customer, Austin Branch

Professional, great product, friendly employees, everything about this company is top-notch. Customer, Jacksonville Branch

I have the same technician show up at my home every time and I really like that. I feel like I know and can trust him hes also very friendly. Your product seems to do the trick around my home. Your company is reliable. Customer, Dallas Branch

I am writing to express our satisfaction with your organization. Your performance and professionalism have been exceptional to date. Our field personnel were somewhat hesitant with integrating your product into their stringent schedules. To their surprise, this change to their schedules has gone off without a hitch. You have met your deadlines for installations, communicated any issues with the superintendent, and corrected any issues discovered during the process.

We appreciate a partner dedicated to excellence. We believe that your organization is such an organization. We look forward to continuing this relationship for a long time to come. Home Builder, Jacksonville Branch

Everyone is on the ball and more than willing to get the job done! Thanks for the great attitude. Home Builder, Riverside Branch

Products are very effective, service is reasonably priced, timely scheduling and the service is reliable. Customer, Orlando Branch

We feel our technician is very conscientious, honest and thorough when he is treating our property. Our pest count is almost non-existent and we are very pleased with the result. Customer, Dallas Branch

Please take time to thank your staff members - both Customer Service who recognized my distress on the phone last week and was prompt and sincere in their response to my concerns and our technician who was very professional and non-judgemental as he educated us on our most current pest problem and was determined to see that we were satisfied with all of our services for pest elimination. They are examples of high-quality customer service and deserve to be recognized for their contributions to your team. Customer, Raleigh Branch

I would like to use this letter to recommend HomeTeam and thank them for their exceptional service. Their products and staff give them the edge they need to service all of our pest defense needs. Home Builder, Naples Branch

We want to thank you for the excellent customer service we received when experiencing a problem with prior work performed by another company. The termite service manager was extremely courteous and professional, and resolved the issue without hesitation. Customer, San Diego Branch

HomeTeam Pest Defense's Taexx built-in pest control system coupled with their borate termite treatment has helped streamline our construction process while reducing cycle time. Additionally, our home buyers really appreciate the added convenience and protection offered by the built-in pest control system over conventional pest control methods.

HomeTeam's $1,000,000 termite damage repair warranty is another value-added feature that helps differentiate our homes from the competition while giving our buyers peace of mind.

HomeTeam Pest Defense has been and continues to be a valuable builder partner and I look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship. Home Builder, Tampa Branch

HomeTeam Pest Defense stays on top of our pest problem. With HomeTeam, our pest problem is not much of a problem at all. Thanks! Customer, Riverside Branch

HomeTeam Pest Defense is the Best! Your Service Tech is very Professional and is very Customer focused! We have been with your Service now for 10 Years and in those 10 years we never have had a complaint. Technicians always call first, so we know they are coming and have never missed an appointment. You at HomeTeam Pest Defense in our book are Number #1. On a scale of 1 to 10, we rate your service a Solid 10!!!! Customer, Ocala Branch

I appreciate the phone call the day before the service alerting me to the time that the technician will be visiting. Of course, I really like that the pests are taken care of! Customer, East Bay Branch

No chemicals inside the house. No need to be home. No bugs in home for over 3 years. Customer, Dallas Branch

Prompt and timely service. Thorough. Friendly technicians. Customer, Phoenix Branch

Our serviceman is very professional. I believe the service is necessary as the system is built into the house. Last year was our first year in our new home and we didn't have any pest problems, including NO ANTS!!! Because the system is built in, the serviceman doesn't have to spray anything in the house, which means no intrusion and no spray smell. Customer, Charlotte Branch

Benefits of using HomeTeam as your

Pest and Termite control service provider:

Our technicians are knowledgeable, professional, uniformed and drive clean, well-maintained vehicles.
We provide on-going training and perform background checks on all new employees.
We periodically conduct drug screening on all employees.
The service is convenient since you don’t have to be home after the first treatment.

Trust your pest control
to your nationwide experts.


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Top Problem Pests


Ants are the most common pest problem in America, with more than 80% of homeowners experiencing ant problems.

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Fire Ants

Fire ants are small, yellowish-red to black in color, aggressive, vicious and known for their painful burning sting.

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Spiders have eight legs, round bodies and range from very small sizes to several inches in length. Their bodies do not have segments, and their heads are fused to their abdomens.

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When termites from a colony settle into your home, the structure becomes infested. Termites have straight bead-like antennae.

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House Flies

House flies get their name from being the most common type of fly found in homes throughout the U.S.

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All rodents are excellent climbers and only need a very small external opening to get inside homes and other buildings.

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Easy to identify by their wormlike bodies, slender antennae and pairs of legs on most of their body segments.


Earwigs have a low tolerance for heat, becoming active at night and spending the day in hiding.

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Most paper wasps measure about 2 cm (¾ in) long and are black, brown, or reddish in color with yellow markings.

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Although they are perceived as dangerous, the Arizona Bark Scorpion is the only species with venom that is deadly enough to kill a human.

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Fleas are small, reddish-brown, wingless insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals.

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